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Area Code Prefix Change

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I be thinking about my stationary or business cards?

Yes. If you are planning on purchasing stationary and/or business cards, please consider these pending changes in your decision. Moreover, planning catalogs, flyers, or other printed materials should also consider UCR's new area code and prefix.

What numbers will be changing?

See list or map.

Will my cellphone number change?

See list of numbers that will change.

Is there an advisory group on campus?

Yes, an advisory group has been assembled to provide feedback on any issues these phone number changes might have on campus.

Will I incur extra phone charges once the area codes have changed?

The area code change does not change any costs to call a phone number – a call that is local for you today will remain a local call. Also, calls placed to and from callers in the same area code may continue to be placed by dialing just the seven-digit number.

What about my vanity number?

A vanity number advisory group is being assembled; please check this page frequently for updates.

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