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CARE Security Package

Computer Audit and Risk Evaluation Package for Windows Computers

CAREProtecting your computer from malicious software and cyber attacks is an essential part of your business desktop security practices. Computing & Communication’s Computer Support Group (CSG) has put together a CARE package to analyze a computer for security vulnerabilities and repair any problems found.

If you have a Mac computer this service is also available, please use contact information below to request an analysis.

To request the CARE package for your PC, contact CSG.

What's included?

  • Scan the PC with the  Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) to generate a report of all missing updates and weaknesses in accounts, and provide links and solutions to fix.
  • Examine, configure, and install (if necessary) anti-virus and anti-spyware programs (Sophos and/or Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials). Run a scan if the PC has not been examined recently.
  • Create a written report and deliver verbal recommendations for securing the PC's physical environment.
  • Run password testing to spot weak or non-existent passwords.
  • Turn off all unneeded Windows services (i.e. File and Print Sharing) as deemed necessary by consultant.
  • Perform external port scan to find common vulnerabilities.
  • Examine firewalls, both physical and software firewalls on the PC.
  • Inventory installed programs and create report.
  • Inventory personally installed programs with intent to flag sensitive personal data and create report with items noted (using Identity Finder software).
  • Perform browser hardening and options analysis for security.
  • Data backup – discuss and, if desired, implement solutions, locations etc.
  • Employee education in PC security best practices.
  • Discuss encryption with client, especially of portable drives.

The baseline cost of this package is $168.84 per PC, and the process can take up to three hours. It should be noted, however, that some PCs can only be repaired through a reload of the entire system if it has been hacked and/or infected with a virus. This can add additional hours to the CARE package at a rate of $69.95 per hour.

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