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ReACH Travel Alternatives

Remote Access Conference Hosting

Travel is a significant cost for many organizations on campus; the Computer Support Services group is pleased to be able to offer a number of alternatives to travel that will help you connect to colleagues across the state, across the nation, or across the world.

What's Included

Many departments need to reduce their travel, but may not know where to begin. As part of the ReACH package, CSS will:

  • Discuss your particular needs
  • Give a min-tutorial on remote communications best practices
  • Assist you in selecting the most appropriate technology (see below for more details of available technologies)
  • Assist you to procure appropriate software
  • Perform any necessary installation and configuration (e.g. set up a webcam and microphone or headset)

Available Technologies

ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conference Software

ReadyTalkUCOP has entered into an agreement with ReadyTalk, providing audio and web conferences for a small fee. ReadyTalk allows users to dial in to a common, toll-free conference phone number and, if desired, host a web meeting to share files, presentations, give demos, etc.

What's Included
  • Assistance signing up for ReadyTalk

  • Training in various ReadyTalk components (desktop sharing, teleconference, video, etc.)
  • Assistance with any hardware (e.g. camera or microphone) and browser configuration
  • Discussion of tools and best practices to make your conference effective

The ReadyTalk service is billed separately according to the UC-wide agreement.

ReadyTalk Pricing
  • On-demand Audio or Audio plus webconferencing : $0.023/min. per caller
  • Recording: $0.023/min
  • Archive Hosting Services: $0.20/min. per month

iConnect recorded sessioniConnect is a UCR-hosted web conference package which allows you to collaborate on files, display a presentation, share your desktop, and use your computer's camera and microphone for video and audio conferencing. iConnect requires only a computer with internet access and the Adobe Flash browser plugin.

What's Included
  • iConnect session and user setup

  • Computer hardware (e.g. headset, camera) and browser configuration assistance
  • Setup and training in use of "pods"
  • Discussion of tools and best practices to make your conference effective
  • Optional assistance with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • Optional session recording and archiving

iConnect does not incur any charges beyond setup and configuration for any participants, unless additional optional services are requested. 

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