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C&C's Committment to Diversity


UCR Mission Statement

The University of California, Riverside will transform the lives of the diverse people of California, the nation, and the world through the discovery, communication, translation, application, and preservation of knowledge – thereby enriching the state’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental future.

C&C's Commitment to Diversity

Computing & Communications is committed to UCR's vision for diversity among campus faculty, staff, and students. C&C takes this responsibility very seriously, particularly given that women and minorities have been historically underrepresented in technical / programming positions. C&C, as an information technology organization, is particularly well positioned to appreciate the value of a diverse workforce and the diverse ideas, perspectives, and strategies provided thereby.

Student Hiring

C&C is fortunate to have at its disposal an exceptionally diverse student population, from which many career staff have been hired as part of C&C's student intern / development program.  C&C has instituted a student hiring database in which students can express an interest in participating as a student employee in the organization, and for managers to request students with particular interests and skillsets. Although not all of these students will go on to a career position within C&C, the experience and training they receive in the organization will serve them well as they go out into the community in technical roles, aiding other organizations in meeting their need for a diverse workforce. Although C&C is committed first and foremost to hiring the most qualified individuals for a given position, the fact that the hiring pool is as broad as possible has assisted in the goal of hiring as diverse a workforce as possible. C&C has been successful in bringing in a remarkably broad a range of people with different backgrounds and experiences to contribute to the organization.

A Professional Environment

C&C places a top priority on collegiality, collaboration, and mutual respect; moreover, C&C has taken care to ensure that as an organization, we engage in activities (team building, social, etc.) that encourage the development of this collegial environment. C&C is committed to fostering a safe, collaborative environment in which a diverse workforce feels empowered to dialog, problem solve, and interact, lest the enormous benefits associated with a free exchange of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives be lost.

Rewarding Innovation in the Workplace

C&C has instituted a number of initiatives to cultivate a collegial environment, such as the annual holiday party and quarterly social events, e.g. ice cream socials. Directors engage in an annual retreat, and an effort has been made to provide employees with expanded opportunities for formal training, allowing employees to learn and acquire new skills. C&C has spearheaded a formal Employee of the Quarter program to recognize outstanding efforts, and endeavored to recognize employee achievement frequently with the Staff Recognition and Development program to aid in retention of an excellent and diverse workforce.

C&C recognizes that the most capable workforce is also the most diverse workforce. Thus, C&C is committed to fostering such a workforce, both to serve its own need for an innovative, adaptable, intelligent group of people to apply a variety of ideas and approaches to solving problems, as well as to serve as an example that diversity is important, indeed, that diversity is crucial to any organization, and particularly to this one.

Joy Hu

"I have been working with C&C for almost nine years. I always feel fortunate to work in such a diverse yet professional and collegial environment."

--Joy Hu, Programmer Analyst

Jill Hishmeh

"The people who work in C&C respect each other's differences, and they value each other's unique abilities and contributions that are essential to every project.  With members from all walks of life,  the department break room is especially interesting at lunch time, when varied conversations and opinions can be heard and new recipes shared.

--Jill Hishmeh, Director of Communications

Sharon Kidwell

"I have worked for C&C for ten years, both as student and staff, and have found many opportunities to grow and challenge myself in my career.  C&C staff have a diverse variety of skills and backgrounds so there is always something new to share and learn."

-- Sharon Kidwell, Help Desk Consultant

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