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Build Your Own eClassroom

Everyone is faced with the challenge of "shrinking spaces" and is looking for an efficient method of increasing accessibility to academic gatherings, be those classes, seminars or conferences. Fabricating your own interactive room extensions might well be the answer to your dilemma.


Distance-learning principles can be applied in circumstances where the distances are not so … distant. Such as between two classrooms in the same building. eClassrooms have been created to accommodate larger classes in the absence of ample-sized facilities. eClassrooms can also bridge off-campus locations, creating true distance-learning environments.

The Statistics eClassrooom was originally designed to house the instructor in the main room, allowing for instruction to flow in one direction only: from "main" room to "satellite" room. This is not mandatory - eClassrooms can easily be configured to allow an instructor the freedom to teach from either room. In fact, it would be beneficial for all future eClassrooms to be outfitted with dual functionality

Minimum Requirements
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Network data port
  • For projector/screen - the minimum distance required between a projector and screen is 8' (12' optimum for a 60"x60" screen); the ceiling must be able to accommodate projector (no lighting fixtures or other obstacles)
  • For TV monitors - there must be sufficient space for either cabinets or wall/ceiling mounts. Anything mounted on a ceiling or wall must allow adequate clearance for walkways/passage through room.
Components (per room)
  • NetOp School software, licensed for minimum number of students plus one instructor
  • PolyCom ViewStation 128 videoconferencing station
  • Wireless microphone transmitter and receiver
  • Document Camera (OPTIONAL)
  • Sharp DLP Projector Model PG-M20X
  • Da-Lite Projector Screen 60" X 60" Model C
  • Two television monitors (recommended 27" or larger)
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