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A partnership between the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and Computing and Communications.

The eClassroom@UCR, a collaboration between the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Statistics, and Computing and Communications is now being used for undergraduate Statistics lab sections. The eClassroom was developed to provide an interactive, participative learning environment for classes utilizing computer-aided instruction, especially undergraduate Statistics. Using videoconferencing equipment and IP-based computer lab management software, the eClassroom incorporates two multimedia labs into a single virtual classroom.

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In the CNAS Statistics building, two multimedia computing facilities(rooms 2680 and 2686) were interactively connected with videoconferencing equipment, a document camera, a 60" projection screen, NetOp School classroom control software, and a Windows NT server addressing 42 Pentium-class personal computers (including an instructor control station).

The eclassroom was created to meet the following goals:

  • A virtual classroom large enough to make a meaningful reduction in the number of undergraduate statistics sections.
  • Faculty control and management over each student's work from a central location.
  • Faculty able to highlight work from a particular student or group of students, thus engaging the class in a "participative" learning environment.
  • Faculty able to introduce multimedia material (from a VCR, laptop, document camera, etc.) to offer students a richer, more stimulating classroom experience.
  • An infrastructure that would allow the facility to "grow"; specifically, by linking classrooms across campus via UCR's high speed network and technology already in place.

The eClassroom came on-line in the Fall 2000 academic quarter and has been used successfully by a number of faculty teaching various courses in Statistics. The combination of classroom management technology, multimedia functionality and interior design have provided a rich and robust learning environment.

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