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eClassroom Faculty Leadership

eClassroom Faculty Leadership

Meet the persons responsible for the initial stages of the eClassroom project:

Dr. Keh Shin Lii
Professor and Chairman, Department of Statistics

Dr. Lii is conducting research toward developing a general theory on multidimensional (spatial/temporal) spectral analysis methodology for the study of fire weather/climate fields.

Dr. Lii and Chuck Rowley, Associate Vice Chancellor of Computing and Communications, are the primary conceptualists of the eClassroom project. Their ideas led to the collaboration between faculty and departments which created this multimedia teaching facility

Dr. Lii: "Students are used to visual-based learning, due to such things as video games and movies- the teaching trend is toward a visual, interactive environment. The eClassroom caters to keeping students interested and students like this new approach. The students get immediate feedback and instruction that holds their interest. Holding a student's interest is half the battle."

Dr. Linda Penas
Lecturer, Department of Statistics

Dr. Penas has interests in the areas of reliability, ranking, and selection, operations research, statistical computing and computer-aided education. She is also responsible for the administration, maintenance, and upgrading of the department's computer facilities.

Dr. Penas was the main liaison between C&C and the Statistics department coordinating the installation and operation of audio/video equipment and networking software.

Dr. Penas: "The impact of this facility on teaching capabilities and student learning has been enormous. Multicasting of digital content has enabled our instructors to enhance visual communications with students. Moreover, the "blank screen" (Attention) feature allows faculty to capture students' undivided attention during off-screen presentations or discussions. Using this facility has enabled us to provide detailed individualized attention in a large classroom setting. The interactive capabilities have transformed even shy students - who tend to "hide" in the classroom- into active participants. In this day and age of computer and video games, it sometimes difficult to generate student enthusiasm and maintain their concentration. This facility, often described by students as "really cool", has provided an environment that has invigorated interest and piqued curiosity among students."

Dr. Steven R. Angle
Dean, College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences
Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Angle joined the UCR faculty in 1986. He served as the College's Associate Dean for Physical and Mathematical Sciences from 1997 until his appointment as Interim Dean in July 2000. He was named Dean in May 2001. His research specialization is in creating new methods for synthesizing complex organic molecules that have useful biological activity.

Dr. Angle was extremely supportive of the eClassroom concept and was instrumental in bringing together the leadership responsible for creating the facility.

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