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eClassroom Support

eClassroom Support

Dr. Lii: "Good technical support is absolutely critical because CNAS doesn't have the ability to maintain the hardware/software.... The tech support from C& C has been very good. In this type of collaboration, support is indispensable."

C&C (Computing and Communications) supports the eClassroom by way of:

  • Drive imaging technology-- Ghost by Symantec allows administrators to restore/deploy a Windows OS image onto each of the 42 workstations in mere minutes. In addition to the restoration capability, C&C technicians can remotely clone any workstation, deploy specific changes such as registry or desktop settings, or configure critical data such as TCP/IP settings and machine, workgroup, or domain names-all from a central console.
  • Lab Consultant-during public lab hours there is a student lab consultant available on-site for questions/technical assistance.
  • Kiosks--Student Computing Services offers support via on-site kiosks which assist with student account/password problems as well as other common computing issues. Visit theie kiosk service page for further details.
  • Storage- Students working in the eClassroom write to their student Z drive, which is issued to them upon enrollment at UCR. Instructors,at their own discretion, write either to the lab's hard drive or their personal Z drive. Zip drives were also available at the stations in the main room
  • Software - Student Computing Services will load software upon request.Currently available are:
    • Windows NT
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05c
    • IPTV Viewer
    • Lindo 6.0
    • MS Access 2000
    • MS Excel 2000
    • MS Internet Explorer 5.5
    • MS Power Point 2000
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • MS Word 2000
    • Minitab 13.32
    • Netscape Communicator 4.74
    • Norton Anti-Virus
    • PCTex 4.0
    • PhStat
    • QuickTime 4.1.2
    • SAS 8.0
    • Scientific WorkPlace 3.0
    • SPSS 6.0

For assistance with anything related to the Statistics eClassroom:

Students: visit Student Computing Services or call the SCS Help Desk at (951) 827-6495.

Faculty: contact Linda Penas (Statistics Lecturer) at (951) 827-3668 or Joel Nylander (Computing & Communications) (951) 827-2629.

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