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UCR’s central e-mail system is web-enabled and designed to meet the need of UCR faculty, students, and staff to securely and easily access UCR e-mail from anywhere in the world. UCR e-mail also provides campus users with important tools aimed at lessening the annoyance associated with spam and helping to address the growing threat from computer viruses that are spread via e-mail messages.

Every UCR faculty and staff member is eligible for a free e-mail account, which is established automatically once a UCR Net ID has been obtained. Student e-mail accounts are automatically created when the Statement of Intent to Register is submitted. Once your account is established, you can access your e-mail whether you are on campus or off.

For Faculty & Staff

Microsoft Exchange-based e-mail is available for faculty and staff.

Web-based E-mail


Web-based access to R'Mail (most faculty members) is available through the R'mail portal.

Office 365

Web-based access to Office 365 is available via the Outlook portal.

More Information

More information, as well as instructions to connect to R'Mail or Outlook (Office 365) on your computer or mobile device, is available.

For general e-mail questions and best practices, see E-Mail @ UCR

For Students

Student e-mail is provided by Google-based R'Mail.

Web-based E-mail

Students may log in to R'Mail via the R'Web student portal 

Students may also log in directly to R'Mail

More Information

More information, as well as instructions to connect to Exchange on your computer or mobile device, is available at the R'mail support website

More Information 

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