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For Staff - Analyst/AA

Analyst/ AA

The following list of applications are suggested for a Financial Analyst position.  These applications may vary depending on job duties.  For a list of all available applications, please select the All Applications option from the left menu.  


  • ARRA Reporting System

    The U.S. Government has provided economic stimulus dollars under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) that have come to UCR in the form of extramural funds (contracts and grants). By accepting this ARRA funding, UCR agrees to the mandated reporting requirements. To support this reporting requirement the ARRA Reporting System generates quarterly reports for the federal government.

  • Capital Programs Management Systems (CPMS)

    UCR’s dynamic and complex environment has resulted in the need to manage campus space, renovations, and expansions via a transparent approach that is clearly understood by everyone involved in the planning and review process.

    Given this background, UCR is pleased to announce the deployment of a new campus tool known as the Capital Programs Management System (CPMS). The CPMS will provide the aforementioned transparency to the review process, providing all stakeholders a clear understanding of a project’s “scope, schedule, and budget.”

  • Career Tracks

    Career Tracks is a systemwide job classification structure initially targeted for non-represented staff employees that will be implemented at all UC locations.

  • Cash Collection Reporting & Reconciliation System (CCRRS)

    The Cash Collection Reporting and Reconciliation System (CCRRS) streamlines departmental reporting of cash and cash equivalent receipts. It increases the integrity of transactions flowing to UCR's financial system (UCRFS), by allowing these cash and cash equivalents to be posted against the appropriate FAUs. CCRRS will now directly feed to UCRFS, eliminating the need for the previously used Deposit Advice Form system (DAF). Approved Departmental Cash Collection Reports are routed through the Main Cashier's Office for final confirmation.

  • Communications Work Order System

    The Communications work order system allows users to issue work orders for communications services.  Any user with a valid NetID can access the system to generate a "Trouble Ticket" to report a problem.  Authorized Communication Work Order System users have options to create work orders for billable requests.

  • eAward

    The eAward application generates notifications to PIs and Department financial staff when an award has been approved and provides options for department financial staff to establish a budget withing the financial system so funds can be expended.

  • eBuy - UCR Purchasing System

    eBuy is UCR's Online Purchasing application. eBuy supports a number of roles enabling requestors and transactors to create, process and finalize purchasing transactions for the procurement of goods and services.

  • eForms

    eForms system is designed to automate various paper based processes via a standard, campus-wide approach.

  • Enterprise Reporting System (ERS)

    The Enterprise Reporting System (a.k.a. ERS) application is a Microsoft Excel based program. The ERS allows users to query the UCRFStotals and SUPER-D.O.P.E. databases and automatically produce formatted summary and detail financial reports for contract and grant funding sources. Salary and non-salary projections can be included. The final reports are Excel spreadsheets.

  • ePay - Online Payment System

    ePay is UCR’s Online Payment Request Application. Payment Requests for Petty Cash Reimbursements, Refunds, Business Meeting and Entertainment Events may be processed. ePay incorporates online business rules, and improved policy controls, as such several considerations should be noted before using this new system.

    • Authorized by: N/A
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site:
  • Employee Profile System (EPS)

    The Employee Profile System (EPS) presents a comprehensive employee information overview with details provided from many campus systems such as the Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW), the Enterprise Directory, the Emergency Notification System, and the Enterprise Access Control system.  The EPS is appropriate for use by employees (who have automatic access to their own profile), managers (who have access to profile information for their direct reports), and departmental or organizational staff who have a business need for this information for their business unit(s).

  • Equipment Inventory System

    The Equipment Management Inventory System allows users to access their department's equipment inventory entries in in Inquiry mode to view entries or to enter modifications and update and maintain existing entries.

    NOTE:  This system requires an IBM Logon ID

  • Facilities (Physical Plant) Work Order System

    The Facilities Work Order System is used to request maintenance and repair of campus facilities.  Any user with a valid NetID can access the Trouble Ticket Form.  Transactors can generate requests for billable repairs and services.

  • Fleet Services

    The Fleet Services application is used to reserve vehicles for campus business.  Access to Fleet Services reservation system is allowed to anyone with a valid UCR NetID. No special access is required. 

    • Authorized by: N/A
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site:
  • Guest WiFi

    Guest Wifi is an easy-to-use tool that allows UCR faculty to create guest wireless accounts on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. UCR faculty can now create up to ten accounts at a time, and the duration of these accounts may be extended on an as needed basis.

    In addition, a "wireless conference support" option is available that allows individuals to create up to 100 wireless accounts to support larger groups of visitors. SAAs can create two Staff Transactors per department to support these requests.

  • Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW)

    The Human Resources & Academic Personnel Data Warehouse (HRDW) provides options to query personnel information as well as access a  series of pre-defined reports that provide easy access to commonly needed information.

  • International Scholar Services

    The International Scholar Center online system (ISConline) aids departments that apply for non-immigrant visas for UCR employees or international researchers. ISConline allows for completely paperless creation, routing, reviews & approvals of departmental visa requests.

  • iRecruit

     iRecruit is the name given to UCR's set of comprehensive staff recruitment management systems. The iRecruit suite of systems provides a comprehensive, end to end electronic process for UCR's staff recruitments and includes the applications listed below.  Please review the support site listed below for further details.

    • Job Description System
    • Requisition System
    • Application System/JOBS Portal
    • Application Review System
  • iReport

    iReport is a web tool that converts reports (Student Advising, Human Resources, Accounting, etc.) into a digital/electronic format for ease of distribution, access, and storage (these digital reports are available in formats such as PDF, Excel, or text). See a complete list of all available reports.  While most of the reports can be authorized for access by the Department SAA there are some reports (designated with asterisk) that require special approval.  For access to these reports send mail to

  • iReview

    iReview is UC Riverside's online staff equity and reclassification review system. It allows for the completely paperless creation, routing, review and approval of departmental equity and reclassification requests.

    Review contains the same sensitive and confidential data elements that are stored in the payroll/personnel system (PPS). Access to iReview should be limited to those individuals who are directly involved in the Reclassification and Equity process who require access to personnel data and whose accountability's in viewing, retrieving, and exporting this data are clearly understood.

  • Job Description System (JDS)

    The Job Description System (JDS) allows Department/Service Center Human Resources Coordinators to create, edit & manage Job Description (JD) entries for the staff recruitment process.  The JDS is also integrated with both iReview, UCR's reclassification and equity system, and iRecruit, UCR's online recruitment management system.

  • Journal Documentation System

    Journal Documentation System provides campus financial system users with the ability to easily access back-up documentation associated with financial and budgetary journal entries prepared by the Accounting Office and Resource Planning & Budget. Examples of the types of documentation that are available in this system are source documents related to intercampus recharges, paper cost transfers, correcting entries, and other intercampus transactions.

    The JDS the system is automatically available to all users with any UCRFS and UCRFS Totals roles via R’Space authorized applications under the title “Journal Documentation System”. A short User Guide is available via the system’s main menu.

  • Mail Services Work Order System

    The Mail Services Work Order System gives options for authorized users to request Bulk Mail, Inter-Campus, Scotmail and Messenger Services.  Mail Services provides most services offered by the United States Postal Service including certified, registered, express and insured mail.

  • MediaWorks

    MediaWorks is UCR's web-based system for requesting multimedia equipment, supplies, and personnel for events and courses.  MediaWorks allows creation of one-time as well as recurring events, and includes a powerful search feature.

  • P&R Work Order

    Printing & Reprographics work order system provides the ability to place printing and reporographic orders online.

    • Authorized by: SAA
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: Tutorial available from Main Menu of application
    • General Support Site:

    PAMIS eCAF is the web-based electronic version of the Campus Approval Form. The Campus Approval Form (CAF) is a mandatory cover sheet that must be submitted with each proposal routed through the UCR Office of Research and Economic Development (RED), which is designed to enable efficient information dissemination and reliable online routing for this required form.

  • Payroll Personnel System (PPS)

    PPS is the university's human resources and payroll system that contains a wide variety of employee demographic, employment, and payroll data, both current and historical. The primary purpose of PPS is to ensure that all employees are paid properly and in a timely fashion and to support payroll-related reporting requirements of both the university and external agencies.  NOTE:  A UCR IBM Logon ID is required to access this application. 

  • PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS)

    The PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS) is a campus reporting tool that generates monthly Contract & Grant financial reports for Principal Investigators (PIs).  By default, all PIs automatically have access to this application and can view reports for their contract and grant funding sources.  the PIWRS also is linked to the Annual Payroll Certification System, providing Principal Investigators (PIs) with the option to certify payroll expenditures are reasonable in relation to the work performed on the sponsored project.

    PIWRS Coordinators, authorized by the SAA, have options to manage projections for the monthly financial reports and to perform payroll certification edits.

  • Storehouse Request System

    The Storehouse Request application allows for the placement of online orders to the Campus Storehouse.

    The UCR Storehouse provides many items and services to the campus.  Items and Services include office products, technology items, janitorial items, hardware, lab supplies, ethyl alcohol, gas cylinders, life science items, chairs and much more!  Stock items available for same day, next day delivery or pick up at our "will-call" counter.

  • SuperDOPE (Distribution of Payroll Expense)

    UCRFStotals is UCR’s Payroll and Personnel Data Warehouse. SuperDOPE contains Payroll transactions from the PPS system.   Users may query payroll and benefit expenditures by FAU combination and/or by employee name.  Query results may be exported to MS Excel for further analysis and reporting.  This system is updated monthly.

    • Authorized by: SAA
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site: N/A
  • Temporary NetID System (TNS)

    Temporary NetID System provides campus affiliates with a temporary UCR NetID and password to access the UC Learning Center. By virtue of being granted a temporary NetID and password, users also gain temporary wireless network access.

    • Authorized by: N/A
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site:
  • Time & Attendance Reporting System

    Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS) offers automation of the labor-intensive data entry process of payroll information into the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).

    Employees that meet the eligibility criteria automatically have access to the system to record hours worked and/or leave taken hours.

  • Travel

    The Travel System allows travelers to enter travel planning data/information and record travel expenses. Department travel coordinators can prepare and submit travel expense reimbursement forms to Accounting who will finalize the expense voucher for reimbursement. All department approvals occur on-line and supporting receipts and other documentation are uploaded into the system for online access.

  • UCOP Funding Assessment Tool

    Thie UCOP Funding Assessment Tool is used to update FAU combinations for which UCOP Funding Assessment charges will be applied.

    • Authorized by: N/A
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site: N/A
  • UCR Enterprise Directory

    UCR Enterprise Directory is available to the public to view employee information at UCR Enterprise Directory Administrators access the program to establish  UCR NetIDs and maintain information for faculty and staff.


    UCR Post Audit Notification application is a component of the UCR Financial System (UCRFS) that allows authorized users to review UCRFS Transactions on an “after-the-fact” basis.

    • Authorized by: SAA
    • Training Requirements: LMS: Introduction to the Full Accounting Unit (FAU)
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site: N/A
  • UCR Reporting System (UCRRS)

    CR's Reporting System (UCRRS) is UCR's web based financial reporting tool,  Monthly financial statements are automatically generated with the option to view current permanent and temporary budget data, along with expenses, salary/non-salary projections, and balances; at the organization, division, department, or activity levels, allowing for a more comprehensive view of a department's financial status.

  • UCR Financial System - UCRFS

    UCRFS is the campus enterprise financial system used to perform such actions as entering budgetary transactions, processing cost transfers and reviewing post audit notification entries.

    • Authorized by: SAA
    • Training Requirements: LMS: Introduction to the Full Accounting Unit (FAU)
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site: N/A
  • UCRFS Ledger Reconciliation and Storage System (LRSS)

    UCR's Ledger Reconciliation and Storage System (LRSS) is a tool that electronically records and demonstrates that campus departments and units have appropriately reconciled financial ledgers. The LRSS also facilitates the reconciliation process by permitting departments and units to store reconciled ledgers electronically on secure campus servers.

  • UCRFStotals

    UCRFStotals is UCR’s Financial and Budgetary Data Warehouse.  UCRFStotals provides the ability for users  to access general ledger financial and budgetary transactions for query and analysis.  Users may query the data warehouse in detail mode or summary mode, including the option to "drill down" into the detail transactions that make up summary totals.  In addition, search results may be exported to Excel for further data management and reporting.

  • VCUA Gift Acceptance System

    The VCUA Online Gift Acceptance System is a streamlined electronic web application designed to make the process of gift reporting more efficient and accurate. The Online Gift Acceptance Form allows for better electronic accountability such as gift tracking and approvals.

  • Web Recharge

    The Web Recharge application allows authorized users to place online requests for products/services from campus service providers.  The system also provides options for campus recharge units to submit charges for products and services to the General Ledger.

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