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Recommended Faculty Applications

The following list of applications are suggested for UCR Faculty.  Other applications may be authorized depending on other analysis and review requirements.  For a list of all available applications, please select the All Applications option from the  left menu.


  • APM025/Conflict of Commitment

    The Conflict of Commitment system provides an easy to use, online system for faculty to report whether or not they have engaged in outside compensated activities during the fiscal year on an annual basis.

  • ARRA Reporting System

    The U.S. Government has provided economic stimulus dollars under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) that have come to UCR in the form of extramural funds (contracts and grants). By accepting this ARRA funding, UCR agrees to the mandated reporting requirements. To support this reporting requirement the ARRA Reporting System generates quarterly reports for the federal government.

  • Academic Personnel eFile System

    Academic Merit and Promotion system, known as eFile, contains a database capable of storing every facet of a faculty member's professional career. eFile provides an electronically routed, paperless review of merit and other academic personnel actions, and it also supports automated generation of a variety of reports and queries, including curriculum vita, bio-sketches, and other reports supporting various faculty needs (e.g. for extramural funds proposals).

  • FFATA (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act)

    In accordance with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA or Transparency Act), prime awardees of individual Federal grants or contracts that are equal to or greater than $25,000 and awarded on or after October 1, 2010 are required to report on data related to executive compensation and associated first-tier sub-grants of $25,000 or more. The FFATA Reporting System is the reporting tool used to meet the FFATA reporting requirements.

  • Guest WiFi

    Guest Wifi is an easy-to-use tool that allows UCR faculty to create guest wireless accounts on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. UCR faculty can now create up to ten accounts at a time, and the duration of these accounts may be extended on an as needed basis.

    In addition, a "wireless conference support" option is available that allows individuals to create up to 100 wireless accounts to support larger groups of visitors. SAAs can create two Staff Transactors per department to support these requests.

  • Human Research Review Board (HRRB)

    *Confirm if this item should be removed....

  • iEval

    iEval is UCR's online system for conducting student evaluation of teaching at

    iEval is currently administered by the Office of Evaluation and Assessment.  Inquires can be directed to

    • Authorized by: N/A
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site:
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

    The MTA Online Material Transfer Request System provides the ability to process material transfer requests electronically. In order to enhance campus research and increase research collaboration with industry, non-profit, and other academic institutions, UCR encourages the transfer of materials to and from our campus. Examples of the type of material requested for transfer include, but are not limited to, biological (from DNA to live animals), non-biological, chemical compounds, data contained in databases, and software codes. To facilitate the transfer of materials, a request must be processed using the MTA On-Line Material Transfer Request System. A material transfer agreement (MTA) will subsequently be handled by the Office of Research and Economic Development to govern the terms and conditions of the transfer, and use, of the requested materials between the providing and recipient institutions.

  • MediaWorks

    MediaWorks is UCR's web-based system for requesting multimedia equipment, supplies, and personnel for events and courses.  MediaWorks allows creation of one-time as well as recurring events, and includes a powerful search feature.


    PAMIS eCAF is the web-based electronic version of the Campus Approval Form. The Campus Approval Form (CAF) is a mandatory cover sheet that must be submitted with each proposal routed through the UCR Office of Research and Economic Development (RED), which is designed to enable efficient information dissemination and reliable online routing for this required form.

  • PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS)

    The PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS) is a campus reporting tool that generates monthly Contract & Grant financial reports for Principal Investigators (PIs).  By default, all PIs automatically have access to this application and can view reports for their contract and grant funding sources.  the PIWRS also is linked to the Annual Payroll Certification System, providing Principal Investigators (PIs) with the option to certify payroll expenditures are reasonable in relation to the work performed on the sponsored project.

    PIWRS Coordinators, authorized by the SAA, have options to manage projections for the monthly financial reports and to perform payroll certification edits.

  • Student Academic Advising System

    The Student Academic Advising System (SAAS) is an application designed to facilitate student mentoring and advising at UCR. The SAAS provides access to students' current term enrollment, GPA (by term and cumulative), units earned, degree audit options, and the ability to record and view notes from mentoring and advising sessions.

    Due to the type of information contained in his system there are privacy and confidentiality issues that must be addressed.  Please review the Training Requirements link below before authorizing access.

    Please review the links below for additional information regarding training requirements and other access and authorization considerations.

  • Time & Attendance Reporting System

    Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS) offers automation of the labor-intensive data entry process of payroll information into the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).

    Employees that meet the eligibility criteria automatically have access to the system to record hours worked and/or leave taken hours.

  • Travel

    The Travel System allows travelers to enter travel planning data/information and record travel expenses. Department travel coordinators can prepare and submit travel expense reimbursement forms to Accounting who will finalize the expense voucher for reimbursement. All department approvals occur on-line and supporting receipts and other documentation are uploaded into the system for online access.

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