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Enterprise System Access Instructions


Human Resources Applications

The following list of applications are suggested for employees with Human Resources job duties. Other applications may be authorized  depending on job duties. For a list of all available applications, please select All Applications from the left menu.


  • Academic Personnel eFile System

    Academic Merit and Promotion system, known as eFile, contains a database capable of storing every facet of a faculty member's professional career. eFile provides an electronically routed, paperless review of merit and other academic personnel actions, and it also supports automated generation of a variety of reports and queries, including curriculum vita, bio-sketches, and other reports supporting various faculty needs (e.g. for extramural funds proposals).

  • Career Tracks

    Career Tracks is a systemwide job classification structure initially targeted for non-represented staff employees that will be implemented at all UC locations.

  • Employee Profile System (EPS)

    The Employee Profile System (EPS) presents a comprehensive employee information overview with details provided from many campus systems such as the Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW), the Enterprise Directory, the Emergency Notification System, and the Enterprise Access Control system.  The EPS is appropriate for use by employees (who have automatic access to their own profile), managers (who have access to profile information for their direct reports), and departmental or organizational staff who have a business need for this information for their business unit(s).

  • Guest WiFi

    Guest Wifi is an easy-to-use tool that allows UCR faculty to create guest wireless accounts on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. UCR faculty can now create up to ten accounts at a time, and the duration of these accounts may be extended on an as needed basis.

    In addition, a "wireless conference support" option is available that allows individuals to create up to 100 wireless accounts to support larger groups of visitors. SAAs can create two Staff Transactors per department to support these requests.

  • Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW)

    The Human Resources & Academic Personnel Data Warehouse (HRDW) provides options to query personnel information as well as access a  series of pre-defined reports that provide easy access to commonly needed information.

  • International Scholar Services

    The International Scholar Center online system (ISConline) aids departments that apply for nonimmigrant visas for UCR employees or international researchers. ISConline allows for completely paperless creation, routing, reviews & approvals of departmental visa requests.

  • iRecruit

     iRecruit is the name given to UCR's set of comprehensive staff recruitment management systems. The iRecruit suite of systems provides a comprehensive, end to end electronic process for UCR's staff recruitments and includes the applications listed below.  Please review the support site listed below for further details.

    • Job Description System
    • Requisition System
    • Application System/JOBS Portal
    • Application Review System
  • iReview

    iReview is UC Riverside's online staff equity and reclassification review system. It allows for the completely paperless creation, routing, review and approval of departmental equity and reclassification requests.

    Review contains the same sensitive and confidential data elements that are stored in the payroll/personnel system (PPS). Access to iReview should be limited to those individuals who are directly involved in the Reclassification and Equity process who require access to personnel data and whose accountability's in viewing, retrieving, and exporting this data are clearly understood.

  • Job Description System (JDS)

    The Job Description System (JDS) allows Department/Service Center Human Resources Coordinators to create, edit & manage Job Description (JD) entries for the staff recruitment process.  The JDS is also integrated with both iReview, UCR's reclassification and equity system, and iRecruit, UCR's online recruitment management system.

  • Payroll Personnel System (PPS)

    PPS is the university's human resources and payroll system that contains a wide variety of employee demographic, employment, and payroll data, both current and historical. The primary purpose of PPS is to ensure that all employees are paid properly and in a timely fashion and to support payroll-related reporting requirements of both the university and external agencies.  NOTE:  A UCR IBM Logon ID is required to access this application. 

  • SuperDOPE (Distribution of Payroll Expense)

    UCRFStotals is UCR’s Payroll and Personnel Data Warehouse. SuperDOPE contains Payroll transactions from the PPS system.   Users may query payroll and benefit expenditures by FAU combination and/or by employee name.  Query results may be exported to MS Excel for further analysis and reporting.  This system is updated monthly.

    • Authorized by: SAA
    • Training Requirements: N/A
    • Information about Roles: N/A
    • How to Use: N/A
    • General Support Site: N/A
  • Time & Attendance Reporting System

    Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS) offers automation of the labor-intensive data entry process of payroll information into the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).

    Employees that meet the eligibility criteria automatically have access to the system to record hours worked and/or leave taken hours.

  • UCR Enterprise Directory

    UCR Enterprise Directory is available to the public to view employee information at UCR Enterprise Directory Administrators access the program to establish  UCR NetIDs and maintain information for faculty and staff.

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