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Adding Holidays

Adding the UCR Academic (Campus) Calendar

The UCR Campus calendar is a separate calendar that can be optionally added to your list of calendars. The campus calendar will show UCR campus holidays and the academic calendar dates.

The UCR Campus Calendar can be added to OWA (Outlook Web App) first which will automatically sync with Outlook 2010. It can also be added in Outlook 2010 and will sync to OWA. If using  Outlook 2011 for Mac, the campus calendar will need to be added separately.


1. In the Calendar section of OWA, click on "Share" and select "Add Calendar..." Add Calendar
2. From the Add Calendar window, click on "Name..." Add calendar name

3. A. In the search box type 'UCR Calendar' or scroll to search
    B. Highlight UCR Calendar and click on "Select" at the bottom
    C. Then click "OK"

UCR Calendar
4. The UCR Calendar is now part of your calendar list, check the box next to the name to view it.

Outlook 2010

  1. In Calendar view -> select 'Open Calendar' (icon at top)
  2. Select the 'Open Shared Calendar...' option.
  3. Type in 'ucr calendar'
  4. The calendar is now listed under Shared Calendars. Check the box next to UCR Calendar to view the calendar.

Outlook 2011

  1. In the Calendar section, click on the 'Open Calendar' icon at the top.
  2. In the User field, type 'ucr calendar' and click 'OK'.
  3. The ucr calendar will display under Shared Calendars. Check the box to view the calendar.

Using Mac Mail and iCal

  1. In iCal, share a calendar
  2. Enter the following URL when prompted:

Adding U.S. holidays to your calendar

Country holidays can only be added automatically in the Outlook client.  You cannot add holidays using OWA ( Once the holidays have been added through Outlook, OWA will then reflect the changes as well.

1. Outlook 2010

Click on the "File" tab. On the left navigation pane, choose "Options"
(Outlook 2010 shown at right)

1. Outlook 2007

Click on "Tools", " Options"

adding holidays step 1

2. Outlook 2010

Options will be displayed. From that navigation pane, choose "Calendar". Under the Calendar Options section, there is a button to "Add Holidays".

2. Outlook 2007

Choose "Calendar options" and "Add Holidays" button

adding holidays step 1
3. A pop-up box is now displayed. Click the check boxes for each country you wish to display holidays for on your calendar. In this example, the United States has been selected. Press "Okay" on the holiday pop-up box and "OK" on the Outlook Options window to save the changes. adding holidays step 1
4. Once these changes have been made in Outlook 2010 or 2007, OWA will also be populated with the Holidays. 

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