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Publish a Calendar on the Internet

Publishing a calendar to the Internet is an easy way to enable anyone viewing access to a particular calendar via a URL link. You manage the calendar, set how many days in the past and future to display, and send the URL or file to those who need to view the calendar. At any time, you may stop the publishing process and the calendar URL will become invalid.

You are free to create as many calendars as you wish with Exchange. Perhaps you communicate with students, faculty, and staff and have a separate calendar of events for those specific people. You may manage the calendar, share with Exchange recipients AND can give a URL to those who do not have Exchange.

This feature is not available using the light version of OWA.

How to Publish using OWA
In the Calendar section of OWA, select the calendar you wish to publish. publish calendar - select calendar
Click Share at the top and select Publish This Calendar to Internet publish calendar - publish to internet

Under Publishing Detail, select how much information you want to share:

  • Availability Only: Shares only free/busy information
  • Limited Details: Shows the subject of meetings
  • Full Details: Shows all information
publish calendar - publishing detail
Under Publish my calendar, select the length of time to publish for how far back in the past and how far in the future. publish calendar - date range
Under Access level, we recommend you choose Restricted. This prevents people on the Internet searching for your calendar and only those people who know the URL link will have access. publish calendar - access level
Click the Start Publishing button to create calendar links. publish calendar - start publish

Two links are provided, one to subscribe and one to view. Copy the view link; this is the link you will send to people.

The one to subscribe can be given to people who want to add their calendar to theirs (in iCal or Google Cal for example). However, this is a static file.

Click Save and close the window.

publish calendar - save

Paste the link into your web browser. Depending on the criteria you selected, you'll see those details. This is what everyone who uses the link will see.

For the example on the right, only free/busy details were selected for a week's time.

publish calendar - internet calendar

To send the link in an email, click Share and select Send Links to This Calendar...

Keep in mind all updates you make to your calendar only between the time frame selected to publish will be updated in the URL version.

send links to this calendar
A new email message opens. Add addresses in the To... field and fill out the email as appropriate. send links to this calendar email
How to Stop Publishing a Calendar
At any time, you may stop publishing a calendar by selecting that calendar and click Share, then select Change Publishing Settings... change publishing settings
Click the Stop Publishing button stop publishing
The URL link will no longer show the calendar, instead, people will see the image on the right. stopped publishing

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