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Supported Clients

The Exchange email system is integrated with calendaring and contacts. Clients such as Thunderbird and Eudora, for example, do not have a calendar capability, therefore will not fully support Exchange.

Exchange 2010 supports the following versions of Microsoft Office Outlook for Windows and Mac:

Obtaining A Supported Client

For more information on how to obtain Microsoft Office please view the Software Checklist. For departments with MCCA licensing agreements, Outlook for the Mac or Windows is included in Microsoft Office and is available for all departmental users. Please see the person in charge of purchasing for your department.

Other Clients

You may use other clients at your own discretion. C&C can technically support some of these options, but not all of them. Older email clients do not have a way to integrate email with calendar, nor your contacts and tasks.

The following email clients do provide an add-on which will attach a calendar for calendar integration with Exchange, these are also supported by C&C:

IMAP or POP Configuration (i.e. Eudora or Outlook Express)

If you wish to use a non-recommended client, such as Eudora, for email purposes only, use these settings:

  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing Server: (Allow authentication = check)
  • Email Address:
  • Username: Your UCRNetID
  • Domain: ads
  • Authentication style: passwords
  • Secure Sockets when Receiving/Sending: Required, STARTTLS

Eudora has reached it's end-of-life from the software vendor.  If technical assistance is required by the Help Desk on any Eudora machine, all support will be on a fee-for-service basis (Faculty and Staff).

If connecting to Eudora through an IMAP connection, a message may pop up to say the command has failed. The Secure Sockets (SSL) encryption must be enabled. Click 'OK' on error message then go to Tools -> Personalities, select the Persona, right click, select "Properties". Click on the 'Incoming Mail' tab. In the 'Secure Sockets when Receiving' section select "Required, Alternate Port". Then go to File -> Check Mail and Eudora will check for new mail. Select 'Yes' in the refresh prompt.

Please note that IMAP is not a recommended choice as C&C has found bugs during testing when setting up clients and it varies by client.

Keep in mind, when using a non-supported client, do NOT delete meeting request messages. These messages must first be accepted or denied on OWA, or else the meeting request will be deleted off your calendar!

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