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E-mail Settings

Option Settings for Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Mail settings for OWA allow you to set your signature, set message options, and sort messages according to preference.

In OWA click, Options, from the drop down box, select See All Options...

Select Settings in the left navigation and click on the Mail tab.

email settings

E-Mail Signature

Create a signature for your composed messages. Signatures can be added automatically to every message or specially chosen message by message. More information on creating your signature.

Message Format

Check the boxes "Always show BCC" (blind courtesy copy) and/or "Always show From" if you'd like those option available.

Messages can be composed in HTML or Plain text, select your preference. Choose font, size, and color for your default messages.

email settings message format

Message Options

Various rules and notifications can be selected or turned off when using OWA. Change where to move a deleted item, play a sound upon new mail arrival, etc.

email settings message options

Read Receipts

Selections on how to respond to a read receipt request.

email settings read receipts

Reading Pane

Choose when items should be marked as Read.

email settings reading pane


Various selections on how to sort through conversations.

email settings conversations

Please note that all settings need to be saved by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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