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Mac Mail and iCal

Staff and faculty who wish to continue to use Mac Mail and iCal for their new Microsoft Exchange account are able to do so using the following instructions. C&C does not technically support this option, we are simply providing instructions on how to set it up. Mac Mail will add iCal to the Exchange account only using OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and above.

  • a. If no account has ever been set up, the Welcome to Mail assistant will show when Mail is launched
    b. If you already have other accounts configured, go to:
    • Mail -> Preferences
      Click the Accounts icon in the toolbar
      Click the '+' sign at the bottom of the list of accounts to start the Add Account assistant.
  • Full Name: Enter your full name
    Email Address: (substitute your UCR Net ID)
    Password: type your password
    Click Continue (or Create)
    Wait a moment while Mail tries to identify your account and set it up.
  • When the Account Summary appears, make sure the iCal calendars checkbox is checked. If you want to sync your address book with Exchange, also check the Address Book contacts checkbox. Click Create.

If you started with step "b" above, you can now close the Preferences window.

Your mail will now start to synchronize with the server and may take several minutes to be ready.

If you checked the box for iCal calendars, you can use the Exchange calendar with iCal (in your Applications folder).

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