University of California, Riverside


UCRFS Source Codes

Transaction Type GL Source Code PAN/CC Trigger Transaction
Planned GL
  (PAN Trigger)   Transactor
Identified Here
Accounts Payable          
Form 5 ATP PAN/CC Voucher AP Nightly
Petty Cash ATP PAN/CC Voucher AP Nightly
PO Voucher ATP PAN/CC Invoice/Voucher/PO eBuy/AP Nightly
Travel Voucher (iTravel) ATP PAN/CC Voucher AP Nightly
Check Write CHK No Voucher AP Nightly
DAPO PUR CC eBuy PO Nightly
Purchase Order PUR CC eBuy PO Nightly
PO Encumbrance Close/Recon PUR CC PO Close/Enc Release PO Nightly
PO Auto Release +- $9.99 POA No Journal GL Monthly
AP Encumbrance Release REL No AP Voucher AP Nightly
Sub-Contracts PUR CC PS Purchase Order PO Nightly
ProCard PRO PAN/CC BankOne GL Feed GL Per Schedule
Closing Processes          
Accruals ACL PAN/CC Journal GL Year End
Reversing Entries ACL No Journal GL Year End
General Ledger          
Financial Journal JRV PAN/CC Form/Journal GL Nightly
Intercampus Recharge IRC PAN/CC Form/Journal GL Nightly
Short Term Inv. Pool - UCOP STP No Journal GL Quarterly
STIP Interest Distributions - UCR SID No Journal GL Quarterly
Indirect Cost Recovery ICR No Process Allocations GL Monthly
Indirect Cost Recovery, Adj ICA No Journal GL Monthly
Non-Payroll Cost Transfer NCT PAN/CC Non-Payroll Cost Transfer GL Nightly
Federal Cost Transfer FCT PAN/CC Federal Cost Transfer GL Nightly
Reserve Contribution DPR No Journal GL Monthly
Payroll General Employee Liability GEL No Journal GL Monthly
Jounal Generator Template JGT No AP Temp Ledger GL Nightly
ProCard Cost Transfer PCT PAN/CC ProCard Cost Transfer GL Nighlty
Budget Est & Adj BEA PAN/CC Budget Est. & Adj GL Nightly
July 1 Adj Budget BUD No Budget Est. & Adj GL Year End
Reappropriation (all Funds) CFD No Budget Est. & Adj GL Year End
Inter-Location Transfer of Funds ITF PAN/CC Import Journal GL Monthly
Work Study Allocation BEA No Import Journal GL Monthly
Mass Costing Allocation BEA No Import Journal GL Per Schedule
0$ BEA BEA PAN/CC Budget Est. & Adj GL Nightly
Payroll: Salaries/Benefits/Vacation PPS PPS PAN Feeder PPS Monthly
Accrual/Incentive Award        
Communications Reoccurring CRC No Feeder C&C Monthly
Communications Workorder CWO No Feeder C&C Monthly
Communications Worker Fees CWF No Feeder C&C Monthly
Micro Computing Support MSG No Feeder MSG Weekly
Media MDR No Feeder Media Weekly
Fleet FLT No Feeder Fleet Weekly
Printing & Reprographics PNR No Feeder Printing & Repro Weekly
Mail Services Metered Mail MSV No Feeder Mail Services Weekly
Physical Plant PHP CC Feeder Physical Plant Weekly
Physical Plant Encumbrance PH1 No Feeder Physical Plant NA
Storehouse STH No Feeder Storehouse Weekly
Storehouse Gas and Cylinder DMG No Feeder Storehouse Monthly
Intellishare Vehicle Program INT No Feeder CE-CERT Weekly
Center For Visual Computing CVC No Feeder CVC Monthly
University Extension UNX No Feeder UNEX NA
Web Pay UWP PAN/CC Feeder UNEX Nightly
Web Recharge WRC PAN/CC Feeder Web Nightly
Cashiering/Deposits DFS No Form/DAFS DAFS Nightly
Student Information
Student Accounts SIS No SIS SIS Nightly
Sundry Debtor SIS No Form/SIS SIS Nightly
Sundry Debtor Cancel SIS No Form/SIS SIS Nightly
Deferment of Feeds SIS No Form/SIS SIS Nightly
Waiver of Fees SIS No Form/SIS SIS Nightly

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