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Faculty Profile System


What is the Faculty Profile System?

The Faculty Profile System (FPS) allows departments, centers, and organizations to maintain profile pages for their faculty members using the campus Content Management System. This flexible system allows for single-page profiles for faculty members.

Departments may embed their list of faculty, including links to the individual profiles, on their own departmental websites; all changes made to the list on the FPS will automatically be propagated to the department website, so lists of faculty can be maintained in one place. This embed can be done for any department or organization site that is maintained within the UCR Content Management System.

How It Works: The Process

  1. Must have a Content Management System departmental website (if utilizing the embed ability, otherwise, can link directly)
  2. Senior administrator staff requests a Faculty Profiles Site for the department
  3. Requester adds and edits faculty profiles (or requests others be editors)
  4. Request to embed profile listing on departmental site
  5. Continue updating faculty profiles via FPS; the embedded profiles will sync with the updated content

Alternatively, another option for CMS users is to have a faculty multi-edit template added to their page template options. For more information, see Transitioning and Options.

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