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iLearn is presently on version 9.1.13.

Computing & Communications has performed over the holiday break a Blackboard application version update as well as a database upgrade to our learning management system, iLearn. This upgrade needed to be performed in order to bring iLearn to a supported version, enhance functionality, address some bugs and optimize performance of the system. iLearn is now fully available.

We have moved from Blackboard 9.1 SP 10 to SP 13. Although there were no major changes to iLearn, this version introduces a sleeker interface with some functionality improvements but still maintains the old look of buttons. In the Spring quarter, course sites will reflect the newer text view with no buttons. If the button view is preferred, customization allows an instructor to revert to the button view.

New Features Showcase

Please join our Instructional Technology team each Wednesday during drop-in hours for Blackboard support if you would like an informational session as to new features:

o Location: Surge 170
o Date: Every Wednesdays during the quarter.  (same place; same time)
o Time: 1:00-3:00PM

For more information, please visit this website or contact the with any questions about the update.


Workshop Sessions: "Tools for Enhanced/Blended/Hybrid Teaching and Learning"

Faculty Technology Support invites teaching Faculty/TAs for a brief presentation/discussion session, "Tools for Enhanced/Blended/Hybrid Teaching and Learning". These sessions will focus on the technologies generally available to the campus such as course capturing, virtual collaboration, social media tools as well as developing a supporting course site in iLearn.

Time:               From Oct. 16th, at 11:00-Noon.
Location:         Hyperstruction Studio, Surge 170.
Format:           Presentation, discussion, workshop.

C&C's Fall 2014 Technology workshop series is composed of general sessions followed by topic specific sessions. The general sessions discuss overall online design elements, focusing on building an enhanced/blended/hybrid learning environment within a supporting course site in iLearn. The topic specific sessions focus in depth on a specific topic, component, or technology used in course delivery.

Please check on the event calendar for session times and topics. We hope to see you during the present quarter at one or more of the following sessions:

1.      Seminars: Designing Enhanced/Blended/Hybrid  Courses in iLearn Oct 16th, 11:00-Noon, Surge 170

2.      Workshop: Using Lecture Capture Oct 23th, 11:00-Noon, Surge 170

3.      Workshop:  Social Media Tools in iLearn Oct. 29th 1:00-2:00 Surge 170.

4.      Workshop: Web Collaboration with Adobe Connect Oct, 30th 11:00-Noon, Surge 170

An RSVP is kindly requested to:

iLearn 9.1.13 update is available for Fall quarter 2014 for all students and faculty.

Now available for all mobile devices and smart phones.

iLearn Mobile Learn platform takes interactive teaching and learning mobile, giving students and educators access to their courses, content and organizations on a variety of devices including iOS®, Android™, BlackBerry®, and webOS® smartphones.

iLearn Mobile Adoption Kit

  • Best Practices for Mobile-friendly courses
  • Faculty guide to mobile tests
You can link your Dropbox account to iLearn Mobile Learn on your iOS and Android device!
Check out some of the new features in Blackboard 9.1

edit mode
With new Grade Center Smart Views you can create criteria for sorting grades and add color coding based on your criteria.

create new item
The new Rubric Tool allows you to create your own custom grading rubric and apply it to Assignments, Blogs and Wikis, and Essay, Short Answer and File Response test questions.

content areas
The new Build Content menu offers more choices for content type including YouTube videos, Flickr images and Slideshare documents.

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