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Computing & Communications (C&C) is pleased to announce the availability of a new Instant Messaging (IM) service in support of enhanced campus communications and collaboration. IM@UCR allows faculty and staff to communicate instantaneously via pre-populated “buddy lists” over a secure and private server.

Instant Messaging is a system that allows users to send short, textual messages to one another. Because both users are actively logged in to the IM server, messages are sent and received instantaneously. IM is a great means of communications when it’s necessary to get a quick answer to a question or to establish a real-time dialog. Additionally, multiple users can communicate (again real time) via user-created chat rooms.

To access IM@UCR, faculty and staff must log in with a UCR NetID and password. All messaging between individuals is encrypted and is therefore both private and secure.

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Instant Messaging @ UCR
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