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Instructional Technology Group

Instructional Technology Group offers faculty and students technological support relating to academic disciplines. We emphasize a "hands-on" approach to our services, whether it's support for courses in Blackboard or support to augment classroom presentations. UCR has also invested in in support of software training.

The Instructional Technology component of Instructional Technology Group supports campus faculty by introducing new technologies and by providing access, training, and support in the use of computers and networking in the classroom. By enhancing the instructor's capability to use technology in the classroom as well as out of the lecture hall, we enhance the quality of instruction and support life-long learning and critical thinking among our faculty and students.

Mission Statement

Instructional Technology Group recognizes that instruction is a dynamic, ongoing interchange between instructor and student that can occur both in and outside of the classroom. By introducing, providing access to, and supporting the use of computers by faculty and students, we seek to enhance the quality and quantity of research, instruction and service provided by University faculty.



Instructional Technology Group

Computing & Communications Building
Office Hours: M-F 8:00a-12:00p 1:00p-6:00p
Phone: (951) 827-3555
Fax: (951) 827-4541
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Dr. Ming Yang

(951) 827-3555
Dr. Yang has been with the UCR campus since 1998. With a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and research emphasis in Instructional Design, Dr Yang manages the LMS on campus and has extensive experiences in multimedia integration of instructional content in the classroom. He has implemented Distance Learning and multi-campus delivery models for several years.

Samantha Eastman 

(951) 827-6481
Samantha Eastman holds an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. As a Curriculum Coordinator with instructional design experience, she developed and implemented web-based and multi-platform, educational programs and services. She worked on various grant-funded, teacher-education initiatives that emphasized technology integration and training, and coordinated a hybrid, faculty professional development program with a technology focus. In addition to having assisted students and faculty in higher education settings, she has worked as a Research Assistant in Special Education, and as an Instructional Assistant in Educational Psychology at the university level.

Nathaniel Wildes

(951) 827-1848
Nathaniel Wildes is an Instructional Design Analyst at UCR supporting faculty with online and hybrid course development as well as classroom technology solutions. He holds an M.S. in STEM Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology. Nathaniel worked in the California State University system for over 10 years and has extensive experience in online course design and development. He has presented nationally and his expertise lies in multimedia production, quality assurance of online teaching and learning, and open educational resources. He also specializes in graphic design, photography, videography and audio production.

Sheryl Hathaway

(951) 827-1808
Sheryl Narahara Hathaway, PhD, is a Senior Instructional Design Analyst at the University of California, Riverside. She consults with faculty to find the best blend of instructional technologies and methods to create dynamic and effective learning environments for students. Sheryl received her Bachelors of Science degree in Community & Regional Development from University of California, Davis; a Master’s in Education from San Francisco State University; and a PhD in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. She has presented nationally, and internationally, in the areas of blended/online learning, innovative learning spaces, and cross-campus collaboration.

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