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Information Technology

September 1997 Meeting

Academic Computing Highlights

  1. The re-engineering of Academic Computing's services is complete
  2. Alex Ramirez, Director of Academic Computing, has left UC for a position with the University of Texas.


Communications Highlights

Communications is working on an analysis to determine the proper campus recharge mechanism given the technology that will be available five years from now.


Client Server Highlights

  1. The deployment of pUCRhase-net (A.K.A. SUB POlite) continues in full force (about 28% of the campus is deployed). A pUCRchase-net statistics & information WEB page is now on-line! This WEB page will help the campus monitor the deployment of this important product. Please click here to view the pUCRhase-net statistics page.
  2. PAN2, a re-designed Post Audit Notification System for the PeopleSoft financial system, is complete. Please click here to see the Stored Procedure (actual SQL statement) that makes PAN2 possible.
  3. The database design and initial coding are underway for the Client Server Group's latest product, a WEB based Client Server Travel system.


Media Resources Highlights

  1. Telecommunications to complete wiring of all media-equipped classrooms.
  2. A 5-year plan for fully equipping the general assignment classrooms has been completed.
  3. MediaMAX success story (10,500 transactions to date!).
  4. Distance learning notes and participation with Cal State Fresno.


Administrative Computing Highlights

  1. WEB registration now on-line and other Sis Plus news.
  2. Work on Generic FAU release to begin shortly.
  3. COM-PLETE to CICS Conversions.


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