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Getting Started

The UC Learning Center Learning Management System, is scheduled for an upgrade. To allow time for this upgrade, the UC Learning Center will be unavailable beginning at 5PM on July 28 for at least five business days .  We hope to have the system back to the campus by Monday, August, 7. Please make plans accordingly.

Welcome to the UC Learning Center Support site.

The UC Learning Center is a web-based learning management system (LMS) used throughout the UC system. A  Learning Management System (LMS) is a software package that provides management and tracking of learning activities to a variety of learners. The web-based access facilitates "anytime, any place, any pace" access to training content and administration.

Log in to the UC Learning Center

UCLC Login Page
  • Go to
  • Review the initial information as needed and then select Login Now!
  • Enter your UCR NetID and password 

Newly Hired Employees & Volunteers

New hires automatically gain access to the UC Learning Center within two business days of their start date or the date they are made active in payroll (with a Social Security Number), whichever is later.


Are you a recently hired employee or volunteer?

Newly hired student employees should wait until their employee profile is available to access the UC Learning Center. The employee profile should be accessible within two business days of being active in payroll.* Student employees should let their departments know about the connection between payroll status and access to the UC Learning Center if asked to complete training.

*If your Social Security Number (SSN) in the payroll system does not match your SSN in the student information system you will not be able to log in to the UC Learning Center. If you experience trouble logging in after being active in payroll for more than two business days, please check with your department's payroll representative and the Registrar's Office to ensure your SSN is correct in both systems. Once corrections are made you should have access in two business days.

Are you a former employee?

Is your account deactivated?

Are you strictly a student and not a UCR employee or volunteer?

If you are not a current or former employee, before you can log in for the first time you must use the UC Affiliate Access Tool to create a profile in the system. The link to this tool is found on the login page in the lower left under the heading Student & Affiliate Access.

If you previously worked at another UC campus but have never worked at UCR, you will also need to use the UC Affiliate Access Tool to access the UC Learning Center at UCR. If you ever do become active in payroll at UCR, then your current employee profile will be reactivated and moved over to our campus. At that point you will have duplicate profiles in the system, see below.

Nonemployee students should strictly access the UC Learning Center to complete activities required for facilities access, such as when volunteering in a lab for academic credit. Food Safety training required for permits is included in this definition.

A note on duplicate profiles - Don't Panic:

  • Using the UC Affiliate Access Tool will create an affiliate profile in the system.
  • Being made active in the payroll system as an employee or volunteer will create a separate employee profile.
  • The system does not automatically reconcile affiliate and employee profiles. This must be done manually. 

If you have both an affiliate and employee profile in the system, you will only have access to the employee profile and lose access to any training records associated with your affiliate profile. However, those records still exist. If you think you may have duplicate profiles, please email to have your records merged under your active profile.

Browser Requirements

UCR users can access the UC Learning Center with any of these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (Versions 9 – 11)
  • Firefox (Version 30)
  • Safari (Version 7)**
  • Chrome (Version 37)

Other browsers may also be used, but are not officially supported. It is recommended that only supported browsers be used for eCourses to ensure proper tracking of completions.

Windows 10/Edge Users: We cannot guarantee compatibility with the Edge browser. We recommend using Internet Explorer v11 or a nonEdge-browser in the Windows 10 environment.

**Safari Users: The current version of the UC Learning Center Learning Management System (LMS) does not support current operating systems and versions of Safari. For example, if while taking the Cyber Security Awareness Training course in Safari you lose internet connection, all progress is lost. The LMS is scheduled to be updated in July 2017 and the compatibility issue should be addressed at that time. In the meantime, please consider using a browser other than Safari to complete online training. 

Disable Pop-up Blockers

Pop-up blockers must be disabled to access the UC Learning Center.

How to disable pop-up blockers

Tips for Successful eCourse Completion:

  • Make sure you are using a supported web browser (see above)
    • If you are using Internet Explorer v.10 or newer, check for and REMOVE any compatibility view settings for
    • If you are using a Mac and you experience either a course that stops loading or a “spinning wheel” or load screen that never resolves, trying the Chrome browser in that instance may resolve the problem.
    • The most current versions of Safari are not supported (see above)
    • Please note we cannot guarantee compatibility with the Edge browser. You might try Internet Explorer v11 or another nonEdge-browser if running Windows 10.
  • Ensure you have DISABLED pop-up blockers. i.e., that your browser will allow pop-ups.
  • Verify your Flash software is up to date.
  • Verify that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser. (IE, Chome, Safari)
  • Clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Do not leave eCourses paused for extended periods of time. If you need to step away, exit the course until you can return.
  • Save a screenshot of your quiz results and completion confirmation screen.
  • Some online courses may require Java be installed and enabled in your web browser.
  • Some eCourses use HTML5 which may not be supported by older browsers. If you are seeing an error message related to finding a compatible source for video, this is most likely the issue.

Note: Browser and system requirements may vary across eCourses as content comes from a variety of developers.

Plug-Ins or Toolbars: If you have installed any add-ons, plug-ins, or toolbars designed to protect privacy in your browser, these may interfere with the system's ability to record your progress or eCourse functionality.

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