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We are pleased to announce that the University is updating our Learning Management System, known as the UC Learning Center. Beginning in August, you will see some changes when you log in. The site will feature a more modern look and greatly improved internet browser compatibility, among other features. Your current registrations and completed activities will remain as they are today.

To allow time for this upgrade, the UC Learning Center will be unavailable for at least five business days beginning at 5PM on July 28. Please make plans accordingly.


Navigation features

When you first log in to the UC Learning Center you will see the Learner Dashboard. Here you can launch activities you are currently registered in, navigate to your training schedule or transcript, and use search features to locate activities you wish to take.

1. Top Menu

The Top Menu will appear on every page letting you navigate back to your Learner Dashboard and elsewhere.

If you hover over the Learner tab with your cursor a menu will drop down:

  • Clicking Dashboard will take you back to the Learner Dashboard from wherever you are in the UC Learning Center.
  • Hovering over Assess or Learn will open additional menus

2. Learner Dashboard

The Learner Dashboard offers quick access when you log in to the features user's need most.

Home Tab
  • UCR Catalog: This will take you to the activity catalog, where all the available activities are organized by categories and subcategories for you to choose from.
  • Assigned Activities: This will take you to any activities currently assigned to you.
  • Schedule: This will take you to all your current registrations. Review your schedule for upcoming in-person activities or cancel your registrations.
  • Online Activities: This will take you to all the online activities you have registered for or launched but not completed. You continue online courses you have already started.
  • Transcript: Here you can view your transcript showing all your completed training as well as view individual certificates of completion. You can print your transcript or certificates or save them as a PDF.
  • Evaluations: This will take you to a list of all evaluations assigned to you for online activities you have completed.
Help Tab

Here you will find links to the support site for the UC Learning Center, where you will find user guides, FAQs, and contacts if you need more assistance.

News Tab

Here you will find links to announcements, the Education & Development website and the Environmental Health & Safety Training website.

3. Left Navigation Panel

The Left Navigation Panel will give you access to search for courses, quick links, your training calendar, and notifications.

  • The Activity Search Bar will help you locate activities you wish to start or register for.
  • Email notifications you received from the UC Learning Center, such as registration confirmations or completions are available in Messages, going back for the last two months.

Tip: If the left navigation panel is not showing click on the magnifying glass icon just below the UC Learning Center logo in the top left corner.

Learner Dashboard

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Browse the catalog

To browse the catalog and view the available learning activities under a specific category:

  1. Click on the UCR Catalog link on the Learner Dashboard
  2. Click the various categories or subcategories to review the learning activities available on that subject.



Search for an activity

If you already have a learning activity in mind that you wish to search for:

  1. Locate the Search Box in the left hand corner.
  2. Type in the activity title or a keyword for the training you are interested in
  3. Click the magnifying glass
  4. Autosuggest will assist you. If you see the activity you're looking for in the suggestions provided, click the title to navigate straight to the description and registration page.

    Note: When clicking on an autosuggest link, the registration link on the next screen will have a different appearance and be placed above the course title.

Tip: If the left navigation panel is not showing click on the magnifying glass icon just below the UC Learning Center logo in the top left corner.



View details about an activity

You can view more information about an activity such as the description, cost, etc.

  1. Use the search or catalog to locate an activity
  2. Click the title of the course you wish to see more information about.

    A new window will open with the description, cost (if there is a fee) and more information about the activity. Clicking "close" will take you back out to the search results.
  3. For in-person activities you can select "View Subactivities" to see the upcoming dates and locations.

View details

Activity details


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Whether you have searched for a specific learning activity or browsed the catalog, once you have decided on the activity you wish to enroll in these are the steps you can take to register.

  1. Locate the activity you wish to register in by using the Catalog or Searching for the course using the title or a keyword.
  2. Click the register button next to the activity you wish to register in.
  3. Review the dates and time the course is offered.
  4. Select the offering of the activity you wish to attend.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Then click Submit to finalize your registration.

Register 1

Register 2

If there is a fee

After clicking Submit, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. Make sure you have a UCLC Registration Number before proceeding.

  1. Select UCLC Registration Number from the Pay By drop-down menu
  2. Click Pay Now
  3. Enter your UCLC Registration Number and click Submit
  4. Your registration will then be confirmed

Payment 1

Payment 2

Retake Online Activities

To retake online activities there are two main steps:

  1. Register for the activity (see above steps). When registering for a previously completed online activity, you may see a warning message indicating the activity was previously completed. This is only a warning and will not stop you from registering. See note below.
  2. When launching or starting the course, you will be presented with the choice of Review or Retake. Choose Retake in order to record a new completion.

NOTE: For some eCourses you may be able to launch or start the eCourse straight away without registering. These are typically UC or systemwide eCourses that can be found under Assigned Activities. You will still need to choose Retake in order to record a new completion.

Registration Blocked

If there are no current offerings of a classroom-based activity in the system, you will see a red error message saying that registration is blocked. Hover you mouse over error messages and warnings to see a drop-down explaining that message.

Express Interest

If there is a classroom-based activity that you are interested in attending, but there are no current offerings you are able to attend, you can express your interest and be notified when new offerings are added to the system. To express interest:

  1. Navigate to the course and click Register
  2. Click Express Interest on the upper left hand side
  3. Leave a brief comment
  4. Click Ok

To find out when you indicated an interest in any activity, visit the Training Schedule page, open the View menu and choose Express interest. You can also cancel your expression of interest from the Training Schedule page by selecting the activity, using the Task drop down menu to select Cancel interest, then clicking the arrow to the right of the Task menu to apply the task to the selected items.


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View Schedule

To view both upcoming in-person activities you have registered to attend as well as any online activities you are currently in-progress with, you can go to your schedule. 
  • Click the Schedule link from the Learner Dashboard under Get Started Below
  • You will see your training schedule with all of your current registrations.
  • Change the View drop-down menu to see current, completed, or upcoming activities as well as activities for which you are on a wait list or have expressed interest

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Cancel registration

If you wish to cancel a registration in either an in-person activity you do not wish to attend or an online activity:

  1. Click the Schedule link from the Learner Dashboard under Get Started Below.
  2. You will see your training schedule with all of your current registrations.
  3. Mark the check box next to the course you wish to cancel is checked.
  4. Then click the arrow next to Cancel Registration, this will take you to a confirmation page.
  5. On the confirmation page select Cancel Marked.

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Launch an online course

Some online courses require registration and some do not. For those that do not you can launch or start then directly from search results. Others you can start after confirming registration.

  1. Locate the online activity you wish to take
    (This could be done by searching, clicking "Online Activities" from the dashboard, or using the catalog. You may need to register before you can start/launch a course.)
  2. When you find the activity you wish to take click the Start button
  3. An additional window will open (do not close any windows)
  4. You will be shown the activity details, click Next to continue on to the course




*Pop-up blockers: Make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers or the module will not be able to launch. 

Disabling Pop-up blockers

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Return to an online activity you have already started

If you have registered for or started an online activity but not completed it, you may return to the module from the Dashboard.

  • Select Online Activities from the Learner Dashboard

Launch 3

  • Find the online activity you wish to launch.

  • Select the Start button to launch the module.

Launch 3

Review status of assigned learning activities

Assigned activities are activities you are required to complete by a specific due date, and some may require retraining on a routine basis. You will receive email notification of new assignments as well as notifications when it is time to retake training that requires it.

  • Select Assigned Activities from the Learner Dashboard

  • Review all activities assigned to you, as well as your current status for these assignments

  • Your assignment status will show Acquired or Attended if you have completed the assigned activity. If you have a new assignment that has not yet reached its due date, your status will show Assigned. Once you have passed the due date, if you have not completed the activity your status will be Overdue.

  • Some training is only required once, but some training must be retaken on a regular basis. The expiration date will show you if/when your certification expires, if you pass this expiration date your status will change to Expired.

Assigned 2

You still must register for Assigned Activities.

  • To register for activities you have not completed you can click on the title of the activity and register form the Activity Details page.

Review history of completed activities and view certificate of completion

Your training transcript will include all activities you have completed in the UC Learning Center. You can also download individual training certificates. Because the UC Learning Center is a system wide tool, training history will follow you even if you change UC locations. You can export your transcript to PDF, to print or send electronically.

  • On the Dashboard select Transcript.

  • Review your full training transcript, sort your training by date or select to filter training by a range of dates or year.

  • Click the Export to PDF button at the top right hand side of your page and download a PDF copy of your transcript which you can print, save in your offline files, or include in emails if needed.


  • When you click Export to PDF another window will appear.

  • You must click the File link to download your transcript.

  • Click OK to close the window.


To view or download a certificate of completion:

  • On your transcript click the diploma icon next to the course you wish to view the certificate for.
  • You will have the option to Print the certificate directly or Export to PDF. If you click Export to PDF another window will appear.
  • You must click the File link to download your certificate.
  • Click OK to close the window.
  • Click Close to leave the certificate and return to your transcript.

Complete an evaluation for an online course

Some online learning activities have online evaluations that you will be prompted to fill out after you have completed the module. If there is an evaluation to complete you will receive an email notification. These evaluations give you an opportunity to provide feedback about the module which is used as the course is updated. 
  • On the Dashboard click Evaluations

Evaluations 1
  • Review the list of evaluations to complete.

  • Click Start to launch the evaluation.

Evaluations 2
  •  Submit your responses to the questions in the evaluation.

Evaluations 3

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