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The Learning Coordinator role is provided to those who need to be able to enroll others in learning activities as well as check the status of required activities for individuals outside of direct reports. This access is granted by the UC Learning Center Administrator and can be set at the department, division, or organizational unit level. Learning Coordinators can perform the following tasks:

  • Register others for learning activities (either at the department, division, or the organizational unit level)
  • Cancel training for others
  • Check the status of assigned activities for viewable users

Before you can be set up in the Learning Coordinator role, you will be required to have completed the following training through the UC Learning Center:

  1. FERPA Tutorial (RI-CCTOP0003)
  2. Enterprise Accountability Online (RI-ACOBJ0002)

Once this training is completed, please send an email to, by way of approval from your organization copy your supervisor* or manager, and provide a list of the ORG, DIV, or DEPT codes and names you require access to. It is important we have both the codes and names.

*Or have your supervisor submit the email request and copy you.

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