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The UC Learning Center allows organizations across campus to offer and manage learning, development, and  training activities to the entire campus, an individual department or unit, or even a select audience. If you would like to establish a new activity in the UC Learning Center, whether classroom-based or online, or add new offerings of an existing classroom-based activity, please see complete the appropriate form below.

Instructor-Led Activities

If you would like to add a classroom-based activity or live webinar to the UC Learning Center please email a completed activity request form to

Initial Activity Request Form

Additional Offerings Request Form

To request additional dates for an existing instructor-led activity currently in the UC Learning Center, please use the additional offerings form.

Roster Reconciliation

Instructors must submit completed sign-in sheets for classroom activities to in order for learner attendance to be reflected in the LMS. We recommend rosters be submitted as soon as possible after the activity has ended.

For details on printing sign-in sheets see the Instructor Guide


For eCourses, please also send a zipped SCORM compliant* file. If the file is too big to email we recommend using a secure file sharing service. We can provide a site for file sharing if needed.  NOTE: We are no longer accepting eCourses that utilize Flash or require Flash Player to be enabled. We recommend publishing eCourses using HTML5 settings.

eCourse Activity Request Form

*If you would like to use links to external xAPI or AICC compliant activities that can be done as well. If you would like to add other types of online or web-based activities, please email


How long before my activity is available fore registration?

Classroom-based activities

For classroom activities we may need up to three business days to process new requests or any changes.

Online activities

For online activities we may need up to three business days to perform the initial testing of the submitted course file. If any issues are identified during testing these will be reported back to the developer for correction. Then any new versions will again be tested. Once a file passes testing it will be uploaded into the LMS and opened for registration. The time from initial request to final course in production could take days or even months, depending on the complexity of needed corrections and availability of your course developer and testing in the LMS.

I need to make a change to an existing activity?

Please email with any needed changes, e.g., rescheduling, cancellations, changes to logistics, etc.

I need to cancel a class?

Please email as soon as possible when you know a class needs to be canceled, even if it is after the fact. When we cancel a class in the UC Learning Center, the system emails all registratnts and notifies them of the cancellation. We also remove their registrations from the canceled class so that they may register for an alternative offering of the course. If you know the class will be rescheduled and have the new date and time we can let learners know about that as well.

I need to update an existing eCourse – can the EOD or LMS team help?

Neither Employee & Organizational Development nor the LMS administrators currently provide eLearning development services to the campus. Training owners will need to work with either a developer in their organization or an external vendor to update or create eCourses.

eCourse File Retention Policy

eCourse files submitted for upload to the LMS are not kept on file outside of the LMS by the administrative team. It is the developer's or course owner's responsibility to maintain working versions of their courses and provide any needed updated published files to the LMS as needed.

Library Retention Policy

Any instructor-led learning activity in the UC Learning Center library that has not been offered within the last 18 months will be subject to removal from the library. Please note that the activity will remain in the LMS but will not be visible in the library or course searches unless a new offering is added. Questions about hidden activities may be directed to

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