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Volunteers in your department who are working without salary are subject to the UCR Volunteer Policy 650-85. This Policy states that unpaid volunteers at UCR:

  • Here longer than two weeks and possessing a valid Social Security Number (SSN) must be entered into the payroll system.
  • Those here less than two weeks or who do not possess a valid Social Security Number do not have to be entered into payroll but can be tracked manually.

If a volunteer is required to take training, they must have a UCR NetID* and be entered into UCR systems so their information can be tracked and maintained in UCR records. If the individual is added to the payroll system per the volunteer policy, then they will gain access to the UC Learning Center once their payroll profile has been activated (please note there may be a 24 to 48 hour delay between the systems). If a volunteer is not being added to payroll either because their position is less than two weeks or because they do not have a SSN, then their department should request Affiliate Access so they can be added to the UC Learning Center and access training.

*Temporary Wireless IDs cannot be used in the UC Learning Center and do not substitute for a UCR NetID.

For questions about access to the UC Learning Center please email
For questions about UCR Policy please email


Temporary NetID System (TNS)

The Temporary NetID System (TNS) allows departments to create a temporary NetID for users to access the UC Learning Center and wireless internet. Temporary NetIDs can be configured to allow access from seven days up to 90 days. After initially configuring NetIDs, departments can extend access for longer use, not to exceed 90 days. If an individual will be on campus more than 90 days they should be set up in payroll or with an Affiliate NetID. Access to the TNS is granted through the EACS.

When should the Temporary NetID System be used?

It is appropriate to use the TNS for the following situations and individuals:

  • A volunteer working less than 2 weeks who is not a UCR Student with a NetID.
  • A volunteer without a Social Security Number who is not a UCR student with a NetID. (Please note: if this individual will be here more than 90 days an Affiliate NetID should be requested)
  • Someone paid though ePay who is not a UCR Student (Please note: if this individual will be here more than 90 days an Affiliate NetID should be requested)
  • An employee who is awaiting a Social Security Number
  • An individual awaiting an Affiliate NetID.
  • Someone who needs access to training prior to being established in payroll or obtaining other permanent access. These would be cases where individuals are only on campus for a very short time and need to be able to start work immediately upon arrival. (Please note: You will be required to indicate when a permanent employee or affiliate NetID has been obtained)

When a temporary NetID expires, the transactor/requester will be prompted to indicate whether or not a more permanent form of access has been established for the individual, as in an Affiliate NetID, a SSN in payroll, etc. Should the individual receive permanent access sooner than expected, long prior to their temporary NetID expiring, please contact to ensure continued access to training records.

For questions please email


Access Decision Tree

Student, temp, volunteer, employee without a SSN? Not sure how to grant access to the Learning Center?
The LMS Access Decision Tree will walk you through the process to determine the best course of action.

Access Decision Tree

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