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How to Download & Install

Downloading Software

1. Once the software has been selected, by clicking on the graphic or name, select the course(s) that you will be using this software for by checking the appropriate boxes. Once selected, click "Continue". select courses for the use of software

2. Download the correct installer file of the software for your computer's operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). If you only need a new license key, click on "License Key" (the license key will then be emailed to you).

download the installer file
3. You must attest to the agreement before downloading the software. Please read the agreement and select "I agree". agreement
4. After downloading the installer file to your desktop double click on it and follow the installation instructions for your system.

Software Installation Instructions

How to Install SPSS

How to Install ArcGIS

How to Install SAS

After downloading your software, use a zip utility to unpack the zip file into a new folder. Open the folder and launch the setup.exe file.
For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 users, right-click on the setup file and choose "Run as Administrator".
1. Choose your language from the Choose Language popup and click "OK" SAS Installation - choose language
2. Select deployment task, "Install SAS Software" under the "End User Tasks" and click "Next" SAS Installation - Select Deployment Task
3. Select deployment type, "Install SAS Foundation and Related Software" and click "Next" SAS Installation - Select Deployment Type
4. Select products to install - keep all the defaults and click "Next" SAS Installation - Select products to install
5. Select what mode to install the guide (this depends on your computer, 32 bit or 64 bit) SAS Installation - Select guide mode
6. Select SAS Foundation Projects: Keep the defaults and click "Next".  SAS Installation - select foundation products
7. Specify SAS Installation data file. Keep the defaults selected. If you want to choose a different path (destination) on your computer, do so now by clicking "Browse...", and click "Next"." SAS Installation - specify data file
8. Once all screen defaults are chosen, you are prompted to start the installation, click "Start". You will finally be taken to a SAS Setup Complete screen. Click to "Finish" and you can choose to Run SAS now. SAS Installation - deployment summary

9. Upon completion of the SAS Prerequisite system installation requirements, you will be presented with a prompt asking if you wish to configure your computer to automatically log-on to continue the installation.  Please click the cancel button so that this option is not configured.  Note that once you click cancel, you may be asked to restart your computer. Once you have restarted your computer you will need to re-initiate the installation, and proceed with steps 1-8 to continue the installation.

SAS pending reboot

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