University of California, Riverside

New Business Architecture

E-Systems @ UCR

All systems have username and password control

  • Campus Electronic Phone Book
  • Various search engines and query tools
  • Physical Plant Work Order System
  • Communications Work Order System
  • UCR Multi-Purpose Web Recharge System
    Control: email-facilitated oversight of rates
  • Human Resources Title and Pay Plan Data Mart
  • UCR Facilities /Space Data System
  • Course Request and Maintenance System
    Control: on-line approval system
  • Printing and Reprographics Work Order System
  • UCRFS Campus FAU Tree Viewer and Data Mart
  • Travel Expense Reporting System (in progress)
    Control: email-enabled approval system
  • Proposal and Award Management Information System
    Control: email-enabled notification system
  • UCR Classroom Technology and Audio/Visual Work Order System
  • Requisition and Purchasing System
    Control: Maximum purchase amount per user
    Control: PO Aging System
  • Departmental "Self-Service " Purchasing System
    Control: Agreement, department, and maximum amount per user
    Control: PO Aging System
  • Payroll Expense Data Warehouse
  • Financial and Budget Data Warehouse
  • Excel-Based Enterprise Reporting System
  • Web-Based Financial and Budgetary Reports
  • Excel-Based VCA Budget Reporting System
  • On-Line UCRFS-Based Reports
  • UCRFS: UCR Financial System (PeopleSoft)
    Control: Post-Audit Notification System
  • Financial Web Reporting System
  • Financial Desktop Reporting System
  • Staffing System
  • Budget Establishment and Adjustment
  • Non-payroll Cost Transfer System
  • Federal Cost Transfer System
  • ProCard Cost Transfer System

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