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Optical Network Initiative

UCR's Connection to Internet 2

UCR's Connection to Internet 2

  • UCR will have two fully redundant "dark fiber" paths to Internet 2. UCR is one of only four UCs that will begin ONI with this status (Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Davis are the others).
  • The remaining campuses have a combination of "dark fiber" and/or "rented" bandwidth from Pacific Bell.
  • Fiber has the capacity to carry incredible amounts of traffic and is limited today only by the electronics connecting the fiber end-points.
  • If UCR needs more bandwidth, it will be a matter of upgrading or adding electronics, not of changing out, adding to, or "renting" additional basic infrastructure.
  • These dual "dark fiber" pathways, and the resulting network capacity, place UCR in very "elite company" among research institutions anywhere in the world.
  • UCR's INITIAL connectivity to the upgraded Internet 2 will be 6,000 Megabits per second (6 Gigabits per second). Current connectivity is 310 Megabits per second.
  • As part of UCR's acquisition of "dark fiber" connecting the campus to ONI, C&C has also been able to secure conduit, manholes, and fiber infrastructure that will support west campus growth.
  • UCR's connection to ONI is planned to be operational within three to six months.

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