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Organizational Financial Overview Reports

The Organizational  Financial Overview Report is a query tool that generates ledger balances at the organizational level.  Options are available to view balances at the Division, Department and Summary Account levels.

The Organizational Financial Overview Report is available within the Enterprise Management Information System.

Reports are generated monthly when the UCRFS Ledger is closed.

Three types of reports are available:

  • Organizational Overview Report
  • Division Report
  • Division Report Including Summary Accounts

Balances are calculated by subtracting the Actuals ledger amount from the Temp. Ledger amount. The option to include amounts from the Encumbrance ledger is also available.

Organizational Financial Overview Reports only include funds that have been coded as Appropriation Funds.  Appropriation Funds (restricted or unrestricted) are those funds for which an allocation of funds is made available and then expenses are posted against that allocation, as opposed to sales and service types organizations that receive revenue.  As such, Appropriation Funds do not include Revenue or Income Funds. A link to the Appropriation Funds that are included in the report is available from the report page.

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