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PO Encumbrance Release System


Introduction to Encumbrances

The Encumbrance @ UCR web page is designed to introduce the concept of encumbrances at UCR, and to provide guidance to departments on how encumbrances are released in UCR's Financial Systems (UCRFS).

Included on these web pages are the following:

  • What is an Encumbrances and How are They Created?
  • PO Reconciliation and How to Determine/View Encumbrance Balances?
  • How to Release Encumbrances?
    • Automated System release process
    • Manual release processes
    • Purchase Order Change Orders
    • Manual Financial System Release process
  • Common Problems and Issues with Encumbrances
  • Pre eBuy PO's - How to Deal with These Encumbrances
  • Guides
  • FAQ's
  • Contacts

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