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Friday, August 17, 2018

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In recent years, many factors have impacted the mix and location of campus "public access" phones. Recent developments include the following:
  • The dramatic increase in the availability and use of cell phones by campus students, staff, and faculty.

  • Campus growth, both in terms of UCR's student population as well as the physical infrastructure (e.g. number of buildings, walkways, etc.).

  • Other factors, such as the vendor pay phones fee increases (please see the Background section of this web site).

Given that changes to UCR's inventory of public access phones will continue in the years ahead, Computing and Communications (C&C) has constructed this web site that provides detailed information on all publicly available campus phones. We've included the location of all public access phones, whether these phones are maintained by UCR's Police Department, Parking Services unit, or Computing and Communications. Please visit the Find A Phone section of this site where you'll find an interactive "phone location" map as well as reports and lists relating to publicly available campus phones.

Finally, please feel free to provide us your feedback, input, and suggestions. There are several campus groups that provide oversight relating to public access phones, and C&C will provide your input to these groups during the upcoming academic year.

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