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C&C's Sales & Service Activities Recharge Rates

C&C's Sales and Service Activities are non-profit, campus-based business enterprises, whose functions are to provide quality services and goods at rates that are reasonable and equitable and are in support of the overall mission of the University - research, teaching, and public service. The enterprises have a measurable impact on the campus through their pricing and quality decisions, their charging practices, and their billing methods and cycles. During these difficult budgetary times, C&C continues to look for opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, while sustaining and improving the quality of services provided to the campus in support of the University's mission. 

Activities within C&C have increased their rates for FY 2015-16. To reference the rates, please click on the appropriate activity on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you have any questions regarding these rates, please feel free to contact CFAO Shelley Gupta (


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