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UCR's Faculty Storage - R'Cloud


What is R'Cloud

R'Cloud is a combination of on-site storage consisting of 3TB of secure space, and unlimited cloud storage through Google Drive.  All UCR Senate faculty are provided both forms of cloud storage provided by UCR.  The 3TB of R'Cloud storage is hosted locally in a safe and secure environment by Computing and Communications.  The unlimited storage by Google is hosted by Google off-campus in a secure environment.  By utilizing both forms of cloud storage, faculty can store files, folders, photos, videos, powerpoint presentations and more. These files can easily be accessed from a desktop, a mobile device, or a web browser, from any platform, and they can be shared with others, on or off campus.  

While R'Cloud can be used for secure on site storage, Google Drive can also be used in conjunction with your R'Cloud storage. Google Drive used by UCR provides unlimited storage and can also be a mapped drive on your computer. Although Google Drive is cloud based (not on site) it does adhere to UCR security standards.

Colocation Storage services are available for large storage requirements in support of research and digital scholarship.  This offering consists of hardware hosted by C&C in a physically secure, and environmentally controlled campus data center.  This service is optimized to provide researchers with a robust, reliable, and secure environment for IT hardware colocation to facilitate research.

Why use R'Cloud

Faculty would use their R'Cloud storage to store their research and digital scholarship files in a secure location.  Faculty can store documents, complete folders, photographs, videos, presentations, or any other type of research file.  With 3TB of space, faculty can also use their storage to backup their important folders.  In additions, from their R'Cloud web browser, there is the ability to share files to peers locally or anywhere in the world.  

Getting Help

If you need further help, or for more information on data types, data security, data storage locations, please contact the C&C Computer Support Group Helpdesk at (951) 827 – 3555 or via email at

All ownCloud users must adhere to the Electronic Communications Policy.

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