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What is the Web Recharge System?

"The Web Recharge System" is a web-based system which allows users to request specific products/services from campus service provider departments. The Web Recharge System allows service requests and billing to be completed in one application. Users and Service Providers will be able to view and process requests. The Web Recharge System can be accessed anywhere there is internet connection. It is easy: go to the following URL:

NOTE: Effective June 1, The Web Recharge System will be made available as an Authorized Application in iViews

How do I get access to The Web Recharge System?

Access for department transactors is given by the department SAA. The department SAA

NOTE: Effective May 16, SAAs can give access to department transactors via The Access Control System (EACS)

How do I send an order to a service provider?

From the main menu of the Web Recharge System click on the SUBMIT ORDER option. A listing of available service providers will display. There will be two columns with links. The links under SERVICE PROVIDER will take you to the request form (i.e., clicking on TAPS-KIOSK). The links under NAME will bring up detailed information for that service provider. For first time users it is useful to select this link first to determine if there are any special requirements for sending requests to that service provider.

What do I do if I don't see any services/products listed when I click on "DEFINED SERVICES"?

Call the Service Provider, they will help guide you through the system or type in detailed information of what services/products you would like in the "Description of Requested Service(s)" box.

How do I know if a service provider received my request?

When a department user submits a request to the Service Provider it is immediately available for viewing by that Service Provider. However, depending on work load the Service Provider may not immediately open that request. The status of the service request is SUBMITTED until the Service Provider opens the request for processing. The Service Request will then be assigned the status of ACCEPTED. Please use the search screen to view the status of your request. You may also contact the specific service provider for confirmation.

What are the different ways that service requests can be viewed in The Web Recharge System?

1. The Transactor of the department can view their submitted service request(s) and view the detailed billing information through this very system using the search screen under the menu option REVIEW A REQUEST.

2. If the Service Provider enters in the information into the system and has processed a client's request an e-mail notice is sent to the transactor. This e-mail notice will include the service request ID# and the service provider description. The client can use the request ID# to look up detailed information of the charges/billing.

3. Ledgers will provide information on charges/credits that is billed through the UCR Service Request and Billing System. Under "JRNL REF" in Ledgers the client can see something similar to the following:

R000001795- Indicates a one time charge
T000002535- Indicates a reoccurring charge
C000004563- Indicates a credit

How do I look up charges in this billing system on my ledgers?

Ledgers will provide information on charges/credits that is billed through the UCR Service Request and Billing System. The service request ID will display under the "JRNL REF" column on your ledgers. The first character (R, T, or C) of the request ID identifies what type of charge was generated. Examples of service request IDs are listed below:

R000001795- Indicates a one time charge
T000002535- Indicates a recurring charge
C000004563- Indicates credit

What do I do if I submitted an order and realize that I do not want it anymore?

Call the Service Provider and give them detailed information, such as Request ID #, date submitted, and transactor.

How do I obtain my Credit Memo #?

If you are to receive a credit from a Service Provider, at the end of the month a Credit ID# will be shown on your Ledgers under JRNL REF. The Credit ID # will be similar to : C00000279.

I received an e-mail notice of a bill with a Reference ID #, where can I retrieve the information?

Log into the UCR Services Request and Billing System, go to "Review a Request" and scroll to "Search My Submitted Requests", here you will enter the Request ID # and view the details of the bill.

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