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R Mail Student E-Mail

Gaining Access

Obtaining an Account

New students are given a UCR Net ID and email account after accepting their offer of admission.  Undergraduate students do this by submitting their Statement of Intent to Register.

Your email account comes with three email addresses, also known as aliases, that all go to the same account. This allows you to choose the format that best meets your needs:

  • (Some firstname.lastname combinations may include a three digit number after the last name if multiple people have the same name.)

You can look up your UCR Net ID and email addresses by:

Your default password is your Permanent PIN, but we recommend that you set a secure password as soon as possible. A secure password is required in order to log in to the campus computer labs.  If you forget your Permanent PIN you can bring your student ID card to the Registrar's Office to retrieve it.

Logging into R'Mail

There are multiple ways to log in to your R'Mail account:

  • Go to the R'Web student portal and click on R'Mail. This will provide you with single sign-on access through CAS to R'Mail and Google Apps, as well as other UCR services including iLearn and Growl.
  • Go to R'Mail directly at
  • Go to the Gmail website. You cannot login directly through the Google Gmail website. However, if you enter your address as the username, and leave the password field blank, on the Google login page you will be redirected to the R'Mail CAS login page.

The first time that you login to R'Mail you will be taken to the R'Mail setup page.  The setup page will display your email address, require you to enter the CAPTCHA challenge, and require you to agree to the Google Terms of Service.

If you have a non-UCR Google account you can turn on Multiple Sign-In in your accounts to allow access to both in the same web browser at the same time.

R'Mail uses the CAS single sign-on for authentication. In order to completely log out of R'Mail and other UCR services, you should close all open browser windows and quit your web browser.

Your R'Mail Password

Your R'Mail account has two passwords, your UCR Password which is used to access R'Mail through the web, and your Google Password which is used to access R'Mail with a POP/IMAP email program.  Your default UCR Password is your Permanent PIN, but a Google Password isn't set by default.  You can set your passwords at Note that changing your UCR Password will affect all services you log in to with your UCR Net ID (e.g. R'Web, iLearn, etc.).

If you have forgotten your UCR Password you can reset it online at In order to reset your password you will need your last name, Student ID Number (SID), Permanent PIN, and birthdate as they are shown on your records. If you have trouble with the identification process, you can obtain your permanent pin and Student ID from the Registrar's Office or your Advising Department.

Account Quota

All UCR students receive an R'Mail quota of 30GB, shared with their Google Drive file storage.

Account Expiration

Your email account is active so long as you are currently enrolled or are an alumnus. If your enrollment lapses and you haven't graduated yet, your account will be deactivated in one year from the time of lapse.

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