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Course Transcripts: The transcript is a chronological order of a student’s academic history. It contains courses taken at other institutions as well as current academic history at UCR. Also included are any placement exams taken and passed. The transcript academics are split by terms and each term in two sections. The top section contains courses taken or currently enrolled. The bottom section contains the current and cumulative hours/points and GPA.

Degree Audit: A Degree audit tracks completion of a student’s UC Riverside campus requirements and identifies courses that can fulfill missing requirements. A student’s completed course work, courses for which they are currently registered, and transfer courses are audited against degree requirements to determine progress toward obtaining their degree.

Degree Catalog: The set of catalog requirements under which degree progress will be measured for this matriculation.

Earned Hours/Units: The total number of earned hours that count towards the student's career.

Grade Type: The type of grading method selected by the student for a course. Grade Type is required for enrollment in the course, or assigned by the registrar's office staff to handle special grading considerations.

Official Grade: The grade assigned to the student for this course.

Quality Hours/Units: The student's total number of Quality Hours earned toward a career. Quality Hours are registered hours that are divided into Quality Points to determine a student's GPA.

Quality Points: The student's total number of Grade Points. These are divided by Quality Hours to determine a student's GPA.

Registered Hours: The number of credits for which the student is enrolled for a course. Student’s Career: The academic career to which the cumulative statistics apply, categories are Undergraduate, Graduate or Professional.

Transfer Hours: The student's total number of transfer hours associated with a career.

Unofficial Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts report the same course and grade information as the official transcripts. However, they are not considered official because they do not have the official university seal imprinted on them and are not suitable for transfer purposes. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for student reference.

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