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Student Academic Information Systems History

In 2002, a planning group was formed to investigate upgrade and replacement options for the Student Information System (SIS). Among SIS Planning Group charges was to ensure that the new (or modified) system would provide campus users with a flexible and "user friendly" system by which they could access data needed for planning, analysis, and student advising efforts. Access to SIS data was exclusively accomplished via a data extraction program (FOCUS) that required technical staff to write, format, and download requested reports.

In 2004, Computing and Communications developed "Version 1" of the Student Data Warehouse - a simple and efficient report-writing tool that enables end users to easily access SIS data, create customized reports, and send e-mail correspondence to current students. In 2005, Computing and Communications began work on "Version 2" of the Student Data Warehouse that expanded the number of data elements available to query and enabled users to run reports longitudinally. In late 2006, the Student Academic Information Systems Steering Committee was formed, chaired by Vice Chancellor Gretchen Bolar, to lead further development and deployment of student academic systems. The Student Data Warehouse was renamed the Student Data Query System (SDQS) and is part of an overall suite of tools that comprise the Student Academic Information Systems (SAIS). These new tools were developed to allow more campus users to obtain data in a flexible, efficient, and user-friendly way.

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