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Degree Audit

The Degree Audit evaluates the student’s completed course work, courses for which they are currently registered and transfer courses against degree requirements to determine the progress made toward obtaining their degree. The Degree Audit provides a comprehensive snapshot of the student’s academic record evaluated against the requirement areas for the major and degree program. You may view all degree information, a student's remaining requirements, or completed requirements only. You can view two different types of degree checks for the student:

  • Their current major (includes second majors and any minors)
  • A potential major

Clicking on Degree Audit will bring up a separate screen in which you may specify the parameters noted above. When you have made the appropriate selections, choose submit, and the Degree Audit will be displayed.

Reviewing the Audit

Academic Requirements Remaining
Graduation requirements are a combination of university requirements, college requirements, and major requirements. This section of the audit identifies any requirements that are not yet completed for the selected program of study.

Academic Requirements Completed
This section of the audit details the university, college and major requirements already completed for the selected program of study ..

University Requirements
These include a minimum of 180 quarter units, a cumulative UC GPA of 2.00 or greater, senior residence, a maximum of 6.0 units in physical education activity, Entry Level Writing Requirement, and American History and Institutions.

College Requirements
These are general breadth requirements. These may include appropriate courses in English composition, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, language, and ethnic studies.

Major Requirements
These are the lower-and upper-division courses required to fulfill the major emphasis of the bachelor's degree. A GPA of 2.00 or greater in the upper-division course work in the major is required.

For further information relating to University Requirements, College Requirements and Major Requirements, please visit the official UC Riverside General Catalog.

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