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iPad Checkout Program - Student Policies and Procedures

Students enrolled in a class for which the instructor has reserved iPads can checkout an iPad up to 1 hour prior to the start of class for a maximum of 3 hours.

To Check Out an iPad:
  1. Bring your UCR R'Card.  Your card is required to check out an iPad.
  2. Go to Watkins Hall 2103 (2111 after 5pm) no more than one hour before the start of class and speak with the Lab Consultant on duty.
  3. Read and sign the iPad User Agreement.
  4. Verify that you are able to connect to ucrwpa on the iPad using your UCR NetID and password.
  5. Pair the attached bluetooth keyboard.
To Check In an iPad:
  1. Go to Watkins Hall 2103 (2111 after 5pm) no more than 3 hours after the time that you checked out the iPad and speak with the Lab Consultant on duty.
  2. The Lab Consultant will then perform an inspection of the iPad and check it back in.
    1. If a student does not have their R'Card they can get their barcode from the Card Office, then provide their barcode and show alternate photo ID upon checkout. 
    2. iPads cannot be used in any class other than the reserved class.
    3. iPads have a 3 hour checkout limit. If a class is longer then 3 hours extensions can be added.
    4. There is no overnight use of the iPads.
    5. After 3 overdue returns students will be put on the restriction list and will not be able to check out an iPad or laptop for the rest of the academic year.
    6. Students may not add their own Apple accounts to the iPads, or install any Apps not verified for instruction.
    7. iPads are reset after each use and no data is retained
    8. Failure to return an iPad is a $500 charge to the student's account.
    9. Vandalism to the iPad is a $500 charge to the student's account.
    10. Cracked screens, scratches, or other damage to the iPad will be a $400 to $500 charge depending upon severity.
    11. Missing or broken parts will be charged based on the cost of the part.

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