University of California, Riverside

UCR Student Information System (SIS) Planning Group

Agenda September 05, 2002

University of California,Riverside
Computing and Communications (C&C) / Vice Chancellor Student Affairs (VCSA)
Student Information System (SIS) Planning Group
Second Meeting
September 5th, 2002

  1. Welcome
  2. Discussion of "High Level" Requirements / Needs Document.
      A. Individual Efforts and Consolidated Document.
      B. Proposed Process for Modifying the Document.
      C. Thoughts on Overview (a Summary) of the Document
      D. Thoughts on Circulating the Document
  3. Discussion of SIS Planning Group Web Page (a work in progress).
  4. Discussion of Visits to Other Universities (where to visit, when and who will participate).
  5. Discussion of Vendor Visits (whom to invite and when).
  6. Notes for Next Meeting

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