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Student Information System (SIS) Planning Group
Charge to Committee Members
July 3, 2002

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Dear Student Information System Planning Group,

During the past several months, either Elizabeth Bennett (campus Registrar) or I have contacted you concerning an important Student Information System (SIS) planning and visioning effort. I speak for Elizabeth and myself when I say we're very grateful you've agreed to participate in this exercise. Our charge is to produce a document containing SIS observations, replacement/upgrade alternatives, and recommendations. Our findings will be presented to Vice Chancellor James Sandoval and ultimately to Executive Vice Chancellor David Warren.

As you know, this planning exercise comes at a very important time in UCR's history. As we move towards Vision 2010 and a campus of 20,000+ students, we must deploy and maintain strategic enterprise systems that enable and sustain campus growth. Perhaps no single system is more critical to UCR's future than a robust and flexible Student Information System. Such a system will improve and facilitate student advising, enhance campus processes ranging from admissions to financial aid, provide UCR's students a "portal" for registration, grades, and other information and services, and provide campus users with flexible and "user friendly" data access.

We have been asked to conclude our efforts by January 31st, 2003. We will discuss the format our recommendations to the VCSA will take, but at a minimum, I hope the document will contain the following:
  1. Identification of a vision for the Student Information System and key areas of functionality and capabilities that the system must contain.
  2. A "Make versus Buy" recommendation including observations from other universities across the United States.

    Please note that UCR must address key shortcomings in the existing SIS. However, some campuses (UCLA) have elected to maintain mainframe based systems and build web pages and data warehouses to enhance functionality. Other campuses have decided to implement new systems based on vendor provided web and database systems (very recently, UC Santa Cruz decided to implement the PeopleSoft student system).
  3. A summary of potential SIS costs, given the "Make versus Buy" recommendation.
  4. A summary of potential time lines associated with the "Make versus Buy" recommendation (including key implementation phases and descriptions of these phases).
  5. Other observations associated with enhancing UCR's Student Information System.

Our analysis will certainly include visits by two or three leading student system vendors and perhaps a visit to a university that has recently decided to upgrade its student information system. Computing and Communications (C&C) will provide staff support as well as a web site that will facilitate dissemination of our findings.

While I recognize that scheduling meetings for a group this size will be somewhat difficult, I still hope to meet two or three times this summer. Cindy Cardenas from my office will schedule our meetings and I'd like to please request that you be as flexible as possible with your calendars.

On behalf of Elizabeth and myself, I'd again like to thank you for participating and supporting this important initiative. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments prior to our first meeting, please do not hesitate to send mail or call.



Charles Rowley
Associate Vice Chancellor, Computing and Communications

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