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Computing and Communications (C&C) / Vice Chancellor Student Affairs (VCSA)
Student Information System (SIS) Planning Group
Time Line for Completion of Analysis - R1V2
July 17, 2002

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  1. Initial Meeting - July 2002.
  2. Presentation of "High Level New System Requirements"- Mid August
  3. Synthesis of "High Level New System Requirements" into a Single Working Document - Early September
  4. Planning for Vendor Visits and Campus Visits - Early September
  5. Produce Best Practices document (especially from other UCs) - Early October
  6. Vendor Visit 1 - Early October
  7. Vendor Visit 2 - Mid October
  8. Campus Visit 1 - Late October
  9. Receipt of Vendor Recommendations (Hardware, Software, Consulting) - Early November
  10. Receipt of Vendor Recommendations Concerning Staging / Phasing - Early November
  11. Synthesis of Vendor Recommendations (Costs and Phasing) - Mid November
  12. Formal Discussion of "Make versus Buy" Alternatives - Mid November
  13. Formal Discussion of Costs and Staging / Phasing - Late November
  14. Presentation and Discussion of Non-Vendor Related Costs - Early December
  15. Synthesis of all SIS Information into a Single Document - Early January
  16. Formal Review of SIS Upgrade Document - Mid January
  17. Presentation of SIS Upgrade Document to VCSA and EVC - Late January

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