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Colocation Storage Service

The Colocation Storage solution is targeted towards Primary Investigators (PI) for their data storage needs when working with large data sets.  This offering consists of self-provided hardware hosted by C&C in a physically secure, and environmentally controlled campus data center.  This service is optimized to provide researchers with a robust, reliable, and secure environment for IT hardware colocation to facilitate research.

 Benefits of the Colocation Storage Service

  • Optimal Infrastructure! The Colocation service provides the ability to co-locate your hardware in an enterprise class data center.  Campus data centers provide:
    • Physical Security.  Secured access to the data center is available 24/, and controlled via on-site personnel, and isolated to everyone except designated personnel with pre-approved access.
    • Redundant Power.  Power systems in the data center are designed to function uninterrupted even in the event of campus or neighborhood power outages.
    • Robust Network Connectivity.  The campus data center network provides a high availability network connection to colocated devices.
    • Monitoring The campus data center has an operator on staff typically 24/7 to monitor the network, power, and environment.  This includes HVAC, and electrical systems monitoring (including UPS and Generator support.)

Sign Up For the Colocation Service

To request use of the campus data center space for co-location of your storage system, please contact the Computer Support Group (A web based form will be available soon!).

Using Colocation Service

  • Once the rackspace has been allocated, the access model for the system is customized by the Primary Investigator.
  • Data security (including encryption) and data redundancy requirements will typically be determined by Primary Investigator, and the granting agency (IRB / Grant Specific requirements), as needed.

For more information on data types, data security, data storage locations, please contact the Computer Support Group Helpdesk at (951) 827 – 3555 or via email at

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