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Student Technology Fee

Governance and Oversight


UCR’s Student Technology Fee will be utilized to broadly support the following four goals:

  • Enhancing Student Access to Learning Content and Systems
  • Supporting Innovative Pedagogy through Improvements to Campus Learning Spaces
  • Improving and Enhancing UCR’s Learning and Collaboration Environments
  • Supporting the Creation of Digital Content, eLearning Objects, and Blended Learning Environments

In order to provide appropriate guidance, input, and oversight to those groups charged with managing the fee in support of these objectives, UCR utilizes a Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee (STFAC).

The Committee will meet at least twice a year and on an ad hoc basis as necessary. The first annual meeting will focus on the the year's projects and provide members an opportunity to dialog on potential new initiatives. The second meeting will provide an opportunity to review proposed projects and for input on the upcoming summer’s activities. The STFAC will provide feedback to the Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is charged with managing all operational aspects of student technology fee funded initiatives.

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