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Uses and Vision - Technology Fee

UCR’s student technology fee is assessed on the entire student body, and potential projects and initiatives funded by the fee should therefore benefit the widest possible set of students. These projects and initiatives should, for example, include providing for increased wireless network coverage, robust support for UCR’s general assignment classrooms, and support for an enhanced campus learning management system (iLearn) that is utilized by all UCR colleges and virtually all students.

In general, the UCR student technology fee will be utilized to support the following four general categories of initiatives and projects:

Enhancing Student Access to Learning Content and Systems

As an ever-increasing amount of online learning content is available to students and as students and instructors increasingly interact with one another over the network, ubiquitous access to this content becomes essential.

Supporting Innovative Pedagogy through Improvements to Campus Learning Spaces

UCR’s learning spaces must support new and innovative pedagogies that foster student engagement and success via active, participatory learning approaches. Moreover, these same learning environments must support evolving curricular delivery models that include remote presentation of materials, course capture, and course “streaming” in real time.

Improving and Enhancing UCR’s Learning and Collaboration Environments

iLearn is UCR’s online learning system used to electronically facilitate campus curricular delivery, enable collaboration between students and faculty and among students, and increasingly provide course assessment and feedback to students. This foundational environment should evolve and be enhanced in a variety of ways that recognize and enable new teaching methodologies as well as proven new technologies and tools.

Supporting the Creation of Digital Content, eLearning Objects, and Blended Learning Environments

As teaching approaches evolve and technologies become available that enable additional methods of instructor / student and student / student engagement and interactions, UCR will require support for the creation and utilization of a broad suite of new digital learning content as well as support and systems for the deployment of this content within innovative curricular delivery models (e.g. blended learning approaches).

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