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UCRFS & eBuy Upgrades


UCR's new eBuy System features new functionality including new tools and capabilities. One of the most important functions is the web enabled "Requestor Role" that enables faculty and staff to requisition goods and services and have departmental purchasing staff complete the orders in an entirely electronic process.

SubPOlite and PRlite are going to be retiring as of Tuesday, December 13, 2005. (To review and receive old orders from both SubPOlite and PRlite, please select "Data Warehouse" from the main eBuy menu.) In preparing for the transition to the new web based UCRFS, which will require seven working days to complete, Departments need to be aware of a few important factors:

  1. SubPO's that are in the "saved status" in SubPOlite after December 13th will be considered inactive and removed from the system.
  2. If a vendor has been issued a SubPO number from SubPOlite but the SubPO has not been "finished" in SubPOlite by December 13th, the vendor will need to be issued a new purchase order number from the new eBuy system.
  3. Any PRlite requisition that has been submitted to Purchasing, but has not been finished by the assigned Buyer by December 13th, will need to be resubmitted via UCR eBuy beginning Thursday, December 22nd. Purchasing requests that all PRlite requisitions be submitted no later than December 7th, this will allow the time to reduce the number of requisitions that need resubmitted in UCR eBuy.
  4. During the period of December 14th through December 21st, there will be no access to an on-line purchasing system. Departments will need to plan and prepare orders in advance to cover their supply requirements during this period. The UCR ProCard can be used during this down period, as well as orders through the Storehouse and emergency orders issued by UCR Purchasing Department Buyers. It is highly recommended that orders are placed prior to December 14th to cover requirements through the end of the calendar year.
  5. # All orders that have been received need to be marked as such in SubPolite and PRlite by December 9th.
  6. One of the changes in the new UCR eBuy system will be that a Departmental order (the new name for a subpo in the new system is DAPO) can only be in a "saved" status for 10 days. The system will not allow another Department Authorized Purchase Order (DAPO) to be issued until any DAPO in the "saved" status greater than 10 days is converted to a "finished (encumbered)" DAPO. This change may require some changes in how your department conducts business, so please start discussing this issue with your Department Management.

At the next UCRFS User Group meeting on November 2nd, a demo of UCR eBuy will be presented and the above issues will be discussed. Training classes are also listed and available at following Human Resources training site.

eBuy Camtasia training will also be available early December within iViews.

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