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UCRFS & eBuy Upgrades


Please email to obtain assistance resolving difficulties in the upgrade regarding UCRFS and eBuy.

For Accounting, Purchasing, AP&B, and EACS contacts and phone numbers

When you request help, please include the following in your email:

  1. System accessing (e.g. NCT, BEA, EACS)
  2. Description of the functionality in question (e.g. running a report, saving, printing, logging in)
  3. Detailed description of problem including error message
  4. Description of technical environment (operating system and browser)
  5. Your name and phone number

Important: Has your PC been prepared for UCRFS (avoid issues). Please refer to the grid below for known problem and resolutions,

Short Description
Date Resolved
UCRFS Cannot access Design Chartfields option ... more Until this option is enabled in UCRFS-web ... more IN PROGRESS
UCRFS Cost Transfers PCT allows account 780315 (Procard Clearing) to be used in lines 2, 3, 4 ... more Resolution is to NOT allow the PCT second line ... more Jan. 5, 2006
UCRFS Cost Transfers Procard use tax can’t be moved via the PCT ... more Resolution is to allow second lines to use appropriate accounts ... more Jan. 5, 2006
UCRFS Cost Transfers Inquiry shows all journals ... more If a journal is selected that has no available ... more Jan. 4, 2006
UCRFS Reports Inception to Date Report returns a "cannot change.." error ... more Resolved ... more Jan. 4, 2006
UCRFS Reports The Corp. Fin. Summary Activity Report returns a "no data found" error... more Until this matter is resolved, we recommend ... more Jan. 4, 2006
Web Recharge Error on Debit Line 1 ... more The FAU Combo edit check is not functioning ... more Jan. 4, 2006
UCRFS-PCT Error message: Document Sequ3ne Number is Requied ... more The PCT journal process did not complete for ... more Jan. 4, 2006
UCRFS Misc. Journal Inquiry searches return journals of all status values ... more Until this matter is resolved, users can enter additional search criteria ... more Jan. 4, 2006
ProCard Aging Report
How do I access the Pro Card Aging Report ... more The report is available in UCRFS as follows: ... more Dec, 2005
eBuy Unable to select a vendor ... more If the order type is DAPO the vendor ... more Dec. 23, 2005
UCRFS Staffing PPS Staffing Download updated ... more The Staffing PPS download was recently updated... more Dec. 23, 2005
eBuy No data found in Data Warehouse ... more Purchase Orders from SubPOlite and PRlite... more Dec. 23, 2005
UCRFS iViews Displays a white box with DONE ... more Close out of ALL open browser windows ... more Dec. 23, 2005
eBuy "invalid cookie" error message... more Disable Yahoo and/or Google Toolbar... more Dec. 22, 2005

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